USA channels on Roku can only be accessed when signed in a Roku account in the US. If you travel abroad and then, you will not be able to use your device even if you have an active US Roku account which you loaded with favorite Roku channels while you were in your American home. The location restriction makes it very hard even to add an app to your Roku device. To eliminate the restriction and access your favorite channels on Roku, you need to look for a VPN service provider which will enable you to have an American IP on your router. With the American IP address, you will just access the Roku channels without any restriction. It does not matter where you are located outside the US, you will enjoy access to all your favorite US channels. Roku has a lot of channels which make it a great entertainment device in your home. For example, with Roku, you can access more than 15 US dedicated channels.

Steps to get US Channels on Roku outside the USA with VPN

  1. Go to Note: you need to get it done on PC, not your Roku device.
  2. Unlink all your roku device from your current account. Then log out.

3. Sign up for VPN

Sign up for any vpn that provide USA Server for you. We have gather them here. Then connect to US server.

Visit Site
Private Internet Access
Hideip VPN
Express VPN
Vypr VPN
IpVanish VPN

4. Register a new account with another email address.

5. At billing address, you have to choose United States as your country and you need credit card. If your credit card is not applicable. You need to sign up for virtual us credit card at
5. Fill in a fake US address. If you can’t make up one, try
6. Turn on your Roku and reset it.

– 1. From the Home screen, press Up to activate the Menu Bar.
– 2. Select Settings
– 3. Select Factory Reset
– 4. Select Factory Reset again
– 5. Select Yes

7. Go back to your pc. Link your Roku to a new account by going to
8. Once your Roku is activated go to Channel Store to get new channels.

All Done!

You can as well use VPN services to open US channels on Roku. Just as smart DNS, the VPN has to be configured on your router so that it will change your IP address for it to read a US location. With US IP address you will enjoy all Roku services intended for US users without any stress. VPN bypasses Google DNS. Hence you will not have to set static route before you can access American Netflix on Roku. VPN makes it possible for you to unblock all us channels at once. VPN masks your IP addresses as well as encrypting traffic. It makes you achieve high anonymity while browsing. Transport proxies and DNS hijacking can affect your DNS operation, but with VPN you will not face such challenges.

The Roku accounts available in other regions come with geo restriction which will prevent you from watching the US channels. But, upon creating a US account, you will have all your US favorite channels in the streaming list for you to choose from. The streaming service makes it very easy for you to access endless entertainment. You will access entertainment suitable for adults as well as kids friendly entertainment. Roku for the US has all the features a family needs to stay happy.


Set up smart DNS on your Router

If you like to watch US channels on your Roku device, then you need to have smart DNS configuration on your router. Remember a device such as Roku does not allow configuration of network settings where you can change and have US proxy. You need a smart DNS which tricks the service provider systems as if you are located in the US. With smart DNS, it becomes very easy for you to access all your favorite US channels on Roku while overseas.

Configure smart DNS on your router

After you configure DNS on your router, the process of watching US channels on your Roku device becomes a breeze. The smart DNS is very useful in tricking the Roku system into identifying your device as if you are located in the USA. This makes it easy for you to watch any channel on Roku irrespective of the place where you are located. The process of configuring the smart DNS on your router is straight forward. Just follow the steps, and you will have the process done within a short period.

Watching American Netflix on Roku

If you like to use Roku to access American Netflix, then you will have to change the configuration of your DNS. Just block Google DNS on your router, and you will quickly access the Netflix services outside the US. You need static routes on your smart DNS so that you can access Netflix streaming services outside the US on your USA Roku account. If you like to access the local website where you are located as well as accessing US Roku account, you will still achieve it after you decide to use Smart DNS. The DNS does not mask nor hide your real IP address. It allows you to access both US Roku channels as well as local channels where you are located. The DNS service does not interfere with your internet speed in any way. If you have fast internet speed, you will still enjoy the fast speed even after setting up a smart DNS configuration on your router.

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