Use A VPN For PS3

vpn for PS3

The PS3 network allows any Playstation owner to connect to online services and square off against millions of other competitors in a wide variety of games.  Yet if you are out of the country and want to duel against your friends, you may find it impossible to connect to your own country’s network, forcing you to play against people who might not even speak your language.  The solution for Playstation owners is to utilize a VPN for PS3, which re-directs the Internet signal so that they may access the network of their preference, regardless of their current location.

A PS3 network runs on an online system that is broken down into individual servers.  These servers are clustered together into large geographic areas in order to handle the traffic accumulated.  For instance, the PS3 owners to connect on the East Coast will not play on the same servers as those on the West Coast, while players in Europe and East Asia will have their own servers and cannot play against Americans.  The solution to breaking through this domain requirement is to utilize a virtual private network, or a VPN, in order to gain the signal for your own nation and connect with your countrymen.

Sony systems do not use servers for any type of safety or or privacy, meaning that you are not breaking any type of user agreements.  Instead, their only concern is over the placement and population of servers, meaning that there is no harm in small numbers of people connecting outside their nearest user server.  While not everyone can cluster in a single server, you can use VPN for PS3 in order to get the server transfer that you want most.

Setting Up VPN For Playstation 3

The set up procedure for a PS3 is quite simple.  The first step is to purchase a VPN router in order to run the signal through its proper node.  A VPN will take a foreign nation’s Internet and re-direct its own ISP through an American network. Once you have it set up and purchase a subscription (the cost is usually only around five dollars per month), you hook up the the router to a PS3 using an Ethernet cable or wifi.  Set up the PS3’s online network and select the Network Connection management.  Click on the Local Area Link (the same as you would do for a non-VPN connection)  and select Qualities.  Use the command that sets up an IP and click on the VPN option, which will only come in through the router hookup.  You may need to select an option to permit a third-party system.

There are several different VPN options that you can use for a VPN for PS3 system.  Depending on the type of provider you need, you may need to pay more for the service, but even the strongest system is not very expensive.  Once it is connected, you may use your PS3 to connect to the signal and play on a server outside your location.

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