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Xbox vpn – Xbox 360 and similar gaming systems have become increasingly popular as the manufacturers added the ability to go online.  Online play is more fun as you pit yourself against real opponents, and it also give you the ability to download new levels and patches that improve the gaming experience.  It would be impossible to call yourself a gamer if you do not own a gaming system like the Xbox.  The only downside is when you live in a country where some of the online aspects of games you love are blocked.  This is where it can be handy to have some knowledge of xbox 360 vpn.

As the hardware companies focus on improving the features and reliability of their systems, ISP’s and gaming software companies have taken a different direction.  Rather than improving the gaming experience, many of them are finding ways to restrict access to games for certain groups of users.  This is especially true on a country level and those of you who live in certain countries will be unable to access certain games or the mods for those games.  To say this is frustrating is an understatement.  Unfortunately for users, when their governments make the decision that certain games or downloads should not be made available to their citizens there is little we can do.  The government can easily impose their will on ISP’s, forcing them to block access to whatever content they deem unacceptable.  If this is the case for you, this is where the xbox vpn service providers can help.

Because VPN protocols are internet based, you can access the VPN servers with your Xbox360 in the same way you connect to them using a laptop or desktop PC.  When you use a VPN service to connect your Xbox 360 to the internet, your ISP will have no idea who you are or even where the connection is coming from.  Being anonymous in this way will allow you to use your Xbox 360 to connect to any website, download any files and play any games you wish.  You can even use the VPN for Xbox 360 to connect to file sharing and P2P networks to download games and movies you otherwise would not have access to.

What Do You Need To Use VPN With Xbox 360?

Using VPN on your gaming system is quite straightforward and you do not need a lot of impressive hardware to do so.  All that is required, in addition to the Xbox 360 console, is a wireless vpn router, a laptop with both LAN and wireless ports, an Ethernet cable and a subscription to a VPN service.  You begin by setting up your VPN service, which is easy thanks to the detailed instructions provided by the leading online VPN services.  Once you set it up the first time you will never have to mess with it again, you just connect to the VPN network using their client tool which is installed on your laptop.  Before you connect to the VPN network, you have to make sure you can access the internet through your laptop’s wireless interface.  To access the VPN network with your Xbox 360 you connect it to the laptop using the Ethernet cable.  You then configure the VPN network to allow devices other than your laptop to connect to it.  This will allow the VPN network to recognize your Xbox 360 and use it for online play and downloads.

After following the steps above just use the test connection feature to verify your connection is live.  Once you know the connection is working you can download games, music, books and movies without concerning yourself about being blocked due to lack of access of permissions.  As long as you stay connected to the VPN network you can be assured that your identity, IP address and location remain anonymous.  Your connection speed will be as fast as always, and the xbox 360 vpn will allow you to play all your favorite games.

List of Best Xbox 360 VPN

You can use these top vpn providers below for xbox 360.

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Hideip VPN
Express VPN
Vypr VPN
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IpVanish VPN

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