Share IP VS Dedicated IP VPN Debate


In this article you will find out the key differences between share IP VS dedicated IP VPN services.  When you have a website, you need to know which IP service is best for you.  There are advantages and disadvantages to both shared and dedicated IP addresses.  You need to understand how a shared and dedicated IP address works and then understand the pros and cons of each before making your final decision.  Read on and find out what you need to know so you can make an educated decision on which VPN service is right for you.

Share IP VS Dedicated IP VPN:  What is a Shared IP VPN Service?

When you choose a share IP VPN service you will share one public IP with all of the shared users in the VPN server.  You will have access to all of the servers on the network you choose.  It will look as if all of the activities of all of the users in the network are coming from the same IP address because they are run off of one public network.

What is a Dedicated IP VPN Service?

Now that you understand the basics of how a shared IP works, you need to understand how a dedicated IP works.  As the term sounds, when you choose a dedicated IP you have an IP address that is reserved only for your use and your activities.  The public IP address is assigned exclusively to you on the server you have chosen.  With this type of service, you can access only the server where your IP is located and no other servers within the network.

Shared IP VS Dedicated IP VPN:  The Pros and Cons

Pros of Shared IP

*  More affordable option for site owners on a budget
*  Great for low-volume senders
*  May help build a reputation if you choose a reputable VPN service

Cons of Shared IP

*  Risk the chance of being blacklisted because of other users in the network.
*  Can affect your reputation if other users on the network have a bad reputation.
*  Not suitable for high-volume users.

Pros of Dedicated IP

*  No risk of being blacklisted for the actions of other users.
*  Provides users with more features.
*  Gives owners more control of their server and hosting space.
*  The speed of the server remains fast even with high volumes of traffic.
*  Easy and hassle-free setups

Cons of Dedicated IP

*  Dedicated IP VPN services can cost much more than shared IP services.
*  The level of service and responsiveness of the web hosting company you choose can affect your site’s performance.

Now that you know the difference between shared and dedicated IPs, you can make an educated decision.  If you are looking for affordability, shared services may be for you.  If you are looking for more reliable servers, dedicated IPs may be more suitable.  Read through the share IP VS dedicated IP VPN debate before making your decision and you will not regret the final decision.

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