Hot Spot VPN – How To Stay Safe At A Public Wi-Fi Hotspot

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Why you need hot spot vpn ? – When it comes to public wireless networks, safety is never a guarantee. Even if you are merely browsing the web or checking your email, your information is still accessible to anyone who is connected to the same network. This is why taking proper security measures before accessing a public network is so important. Of course the ideal situation would be to access an encrypted private network but this is not always an option for many individuals. If you find yourself having to use public Wi-Fi, here are some things you need to be aware of.

Avoid Making Major Transactions on Wi-Fi

While it can be tempting to shop or do a bit of business in a café, it is best to save these activities for home. Because your computer on a public Wi-Fi network is essentially open to anyone who is on the same network, any passwords or credit card numbers you enter into your computer are perfectly visible. When it comes to browsing on a public network, keep it casual and avoid doing any major forms of business.

Invest in the Right Operating System

Network encryption is something you have absolutely no control of when you use a public network. You therefore have to take extra precautions again prying eyes, which can be a time consuming process. For example, in every webpage you visit you must read their privacy policy to check on what kind of encryption they have. Sites without privacy statements or policies generally should be avoided. You should also invest in an operating system that can protect your files through encryption. This may mean you have to override your computer’s already existing system.

Use a Hot Spot Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A virtual private network allows you to search and browse the web through a separate network, which gives you an extra level of protection. Usually a company or business will have a VPN that allows files to be transmitted safely and securely through a data center. A VPN is essentially a tunnel in which only the individual using the computer and the data center itself has access to. You are basically using a private network even though you are connected to a public one. Although this type of web browsing can be quite slow, it is definitely a safer way of doing business on public networks.

Use SSL for Email

Whenever you log into your email, your webmail system uses HTTPS but then immediately changes to HTTP once your login information has been verified. This allows anyone on the same public network to find out your password, read your emails, and gain access to your computer. In order to rectify this, you can either manually switch your entire email session to HTTPS or you can choose a service that uses HTTPS throughout. When you switch to SSL, your emails and the information inside them stays private and secure.

Turn off Your Computer and Wireless Networks When Not in Use

This might seem more like common sense but you would be surprised by how many people forget to do these two simple actions. When your computer is off, no one can gain access to it. It is therefore a good idea to turn off your computer anytime you leave it. Furthermore, if you are merely using your computer to type up a document and do not require any internet access, manually turn off your wireless network connection.

How to stay safe at a public Wi-Fi hotspot is one of the most asked questions in today’s technologically savvy world. Taking proper precautions like avoiding major transactions, hiding your files, accessing a hot spot VPN, switching to HTTPS, and turning off your computer can help your files to stay safe and secure. If you perform these actions effectively, you will make sure that the only eyes watching your computer will be yours.

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