Channel 4 or or 4oD or 4 on demand is a UK based online streaming service; with a variety of viewing options, those who are in the US, can also enjoy it.

Channel 4

With this site, you can view a variety of reality shows from the UK, such as Sopranos or Big Brother. No matter what type of entertainment you enjoy, or news mediums you want to view, Channel 4 is the streaming site to watch. Viewers can watch on their laptop, PC, they can watch on a tablet, or most smart phones are also compatible with this service. But, it is limited to the UK, and individuals with a UK IP address.


In order to enjoy Channel 4, you must register with the site; not only do you receive newsletters and email notifications, you can also set up your favorite shows, and viewing options once you do. A current price of 4.99 pounds is a monthly offer that is going on; this gives unlimited access, to the shows that are available, and also to certain movie channels that are available through the streaming service provider. You do not have to sign an annual contract; it is a monthly based service, and you only pay, for what you want to watch on the site.

You can watch channel 4 on browser, xbox, playstation and many more.

How to watch channel 4 in USA and anywhere in the world

For those who want to watch channel 4 in USA, the ability to do so is present, with the option to subscribe to a VPN. A virtual private network is going to allow you to find a UK IP address, so that you can stream anywhere. It also ensures anonymity meaning you do not have to enter private information, and can stream what you want to enjoy, without having to input personal information. You can also apply with a smart DNS site; these offer a similar option, where you can stream anonymously, so you can enjoy the shows you love, on any device, with the right program in place.

List of Best VPN To Watch Channel 4 in USA

Visit Site
Express VPN
Private Internet Access
Hideip VPN
IpVanish VPN
Vypr VPN

I already have VPN subscription. What to do next?

Follow steps below

  1. Connect to UK vpn server.
  2. Go to
  3. Enjoy

I want to watch Channel 4 on other Devices besides browser. Please suggest me

  1. Android- iphone – ipad: Most vpn providers now have vpn app. Install vpn app and change location to UK then open channel 4 app to start to watch.
  2. Bluray player and other devices: You might need to set up vpn on your router. Please ask your vpn providers for advice.

Due to the fact that there are limits on who can watch channel 4, and where you can stream it, many people do not get to enjoy the shows they love from the UK, if they are away from home. With a VPN, you have a simple solution to the problem, which is going to allow you to watch the shows and entertainment that you want to watch, for a very low monthly fee, no matter where you are located in the world.

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