How You Can Use VPN With Apple TV To Access Blocked Streaming TV

Apple TV VPN

Every time you use the Internet to watch television through an Internet stream, you Internet provider tells the host which location you live in.  As such, a location within the United States, for instance, may block programming that is exclusive to outside the country, and vice-versa.  If you are living in an area that blocks access to your favorite television shows and need to get your fix, a VPN (or virtual private network) an easy way to get around the pesky domain challenge.  You can Use vpn with apple tv to access blocked streaming tv in areas that would not normally provide service.

VPNs, despite what their reputation may be, are usually not used to access material that is off-boundaries to certain areas.  Instead, they are tools of companies that need to give their employees access to a network when they are off the local grid.  As such, a website hosted in Boston can use a VPN server in Houston to give service to any person connected to it, whether they live a mile away from the server or whether they are on the other side of the globe.  All you need is an Internet connection to run traffic through the server.  You can access external hardware (such as printers and fax machines) from a remote area as well.

To Use vpn with apple tv to access blocked streaming tv, it is first necessary to pay for the VPN connection itself.  You cannot find a free VPN service (unless you know someone who hosts their own servers and is willing to provide service without charge) but the costs associated with one are small and certainly worth the fees.  Many different guides are available to help you decide which server is best for you and how to set up a VPN on either a Windows PC or a Macintosh operating system.

Best VPN For Apple TV

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IpVanish VPN

Once you have it ready, you need to calibrate it to your Apple TV.  Apple TV does not actually run programs off of a cable signal, but rather connects to media services like Netflix, iTunes, and Hulu.  These media providers are only interested in serving local customers, given that their advertisements will not bring in much revenue if they are meant for an American audience but play in Japan or Australia.  While integrating an Apple TV with Netflix is quite easy and inexpensive, you will be unable to access it outside the boundaries of the USA.

You Need DD-WRT Router to Use vpn with Apple TV

Once you have both a VPN and an Apple TV, you must connect a router direction into the Apple device.  Not all routers are capable of this, but modules like the ASUS RT-N16 can plug in and allow you to access shows.  A DD-WRT vpn router can also be connected to some VPN services.  The VPN service itself will give instructions on how to set up your account with the router, which in turn directly feeds information into the Apple TV that tells the system you are connected to an American feed.  Keep the Apple TV set up on the United States location to ensure the stream goes through.  Netflix itself will check your location, so ensure that the VPN connection is on at all times when you use an Apple TV.

Access Netflix Outside USA on Apple TV without DD-WRT Router

You can use Smart dns as alternative to access geo-blocked channel like Netflix and Hulu. We recommended, Trickbyte is a smart dns that help you access Netflix and Hulu anywhere on Apple TV. No router required. Click here to sign up for 14-day free trial.

Apple is heavily marketing their new product throughout much of Europe, including Sweden, the Netherlands, and Denmark.  If you live in one of these regions and want access to American programming, you can Use vpn with apple tv to access blocked streaming tv by purchasing a subscription and then setting up a router.  This information bypasses the given location and tells the system that you are watching from within friendly borders.