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Switch VPN Feature:

– $11.95 per month
– 32 servers in countries

– PPTP, L2TP, Openvpn, SSTP, P2P
– 3 Day free trial, 30-day money back guarantee
– Windows, Linux, MAC, Android, iPad, iPhone, DD-WRT and Tomato

Latest Switch VPN Review For their Customers

Today, many organizations has resulted to targeting their consumers/customers through social media. Fortunately, the response has been very positive. As Switch VPN all know, for this kind of communication to be effective internet connection has to be available. It is very disappointing when one need to use the internet but there is no network. The good news is that nowadays there are companies that provide VPN services.

Virtual private network (VPN) is a technology that enables the use of internet (or any other network connection for that matter) to computers that are in isolated physical area codes which could not has been accessed had the VPN program not been available. Aside from connecting individual users to remote areas, a VPN can be used to connect them to multiple networks at the same time. For instance, a user can be able to access their office files (in their office computers) from their home computers.

About Switch VPN

Switch VPN is a company which offers such services to its customers. The company live sites can attend to about 360 users in a day. The firm allows for its customers to surf anonymously. Meaning that one’s identity is hidden to other users. This facilitates customers’ security. This is because Switch VPN has an encrypted network with an inbuilt algorithmic feature which prohibits one’s IP to be tracked by another person. This secure connection protects all applications such as emails, personal data, uploads and downloads. This way hackers and spies are kept off.


To date Switch VPN are in a position to reach users in 32 countries located in United Kingdom, Switzerland, Malaysia, Romania, Republic of Czech, Sweden, Italy, Hong Kong, France, United States of America, Germany among others and are still growing. Switch VPN has their team in all these countries hence customers can contact them for any queries that could be having as Switch VPN as comment and leave suggestions.

Available Protocols.

The plan a user chooses determines the protocol available to that particular user. One may has access to Proxy,L2PT, IPSec ,Open VPN and P2P. All the named protocols are available to users of the combination package. Howerver, the P2P can only be accessed by users of proxy and IPSec. Single country packages (mentioned earlier) do not offer OpenVPN.


With Stitch VPN, speed ranges between 6.23 Mbps download and 4.91 Mbps upstream for Chicago OpenVPN users. Meanwhile, users of the same protocol (OpenVPN) in London, their speed was found to be 3.62 Mbps download and 4.51 Mbps upstream. This means that depending with one’s location the speed is bound to change but on average, their speed is 10Mbps. This allows you, the client download more stuff within a short period of time.


Their program is effectively compatible with leading operating systems such as Linux (Ubuntu), Microsoft(7, Vista and XP)and Mac OS X. Popular Switch VPNb browsers including Firefox , Safari, Google Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer has the ability to support the Stitch program.
Among the compatible devices, there are iPods, iPads, iPhones, iTouch and all Android devices.


When it comes to charges, Switch VPN has its customers’ interest at heart. Switch VPN understand that at times it may be not be an easy task to fund their internet needs, given these economical hard times. Switch VPN therefore come up with a price that is affordable to all.

As a client, one can download and install the Switch virtual private network program and use it for a maximum of 5 days after which they can pay for it if they feel that it suits all their needs.

Customer Support

Switch VPN connection program does not require professional skills to install. A user can download it and install it (which takes a few minutes) easily. This program is user friendly in every aspect. At the end of the day the customer gets to save the cash that could has been otherwise used to pay for installation services. Yes, one does not need to be a computer genius to run the program and much less install it. It is that simple.

Trafficking and bandwidth

The amount of digital data that a user can transfer from one computer to another, be it that the second computer is being used by a different person or not, is what is generally referred to as bandwidth. It is simply the number of bits that can be moved from one place to another. Including within a single computer say like moving a file from the Desktop to My Documents.. If the amount of transferable data that a Virtual Private Network program can support is relatively low, then the users are bound to experience delays in their systems; when they are communicating.

With Switch VPN whatsoever, Switch VPN offers their customers unlimited bandwidth hence ensuring easy trafficking of information. Here Switch VPN doesn’t compromise on customer satisfaction and effectiveness of their program.

Free Trials

Switch VPN offer 3 days free trial


There is no point in denying that, yes Switch VPN has had ups and downs in the process of growing. This has been a great lesson for us and has helped us in offering the best to you. Switch VPN is always open to you. Click on button below to visit Switch VPN website.

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