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Smart TV VPN

A smart TV can be a boon for anyone who misses their favorite programs or wants to get caught up on a backlog, but some parts of the country and the world restrict access to television programs available through their Internet providers. In some nations, television channels block or blackout foreign content given that they want their TV providers to enjoy greater viewership; in other countries that have stricter policies on media content it may be difficult or even impossible to get access to programming from outside the country. The best solution for getting your smart TV fix is to utilize a virtual private network, or VPN. A VPN for Smart TV will give you access to your favorite channels and programs without blocks or failures.

Best VPN For Smart TV

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VPN with Smart TV

A virtual private network operates their servers from multiple countries across the globe. A provider that markets their servers from the United States, for instance, will allow persons living in Europe or Asia to get American programming without having to purchase expensive television packages. A VPN runs the server information through your Internet router in the same way that a local Internet provider runs their feed. You need only purchase the VPN modem and hook it up to your Internet and you will have access to the content from the host nation. Even if you live in a restricted area like China, the Internet will pick up the host server rather than your location’s server, so it will be like you were browsing from 10.000 miles away. Best of all, the Internet provider has no idea that you are doing so, any more than they would know that any people are browsing outside their area.

The benefits of a VPN for Smart TV are numerous. If you want to get caught up on a season or series of television that is not available in your area, you need only hook up your television to the VPN and get caught up on the backlog. If you want to watch a televised event like a football game or a political debate that is being broadcast in a country across the globe, you do not have to scroll through thousands of foreign channel providers to get to it. If you want to keep your television choices private, furthermore, a VPN is the best way to keep prying eyes away.

How To Connect VPN To Smart TV

There are 3 ways to use vpn on your smart tv

  1. Smart DNS: Many vpn services can provide you with dns setting and all you need to do is set them up directly on your TV. Example smart dns service:,,
  2. VPN Router: If your tv doesn’t have dns setting. Another way is connect to internet via vpn router. This way is absolutely work on all smart tv.
  3. PlayOn: Install playon on your PC or Mac and share connection to your smart tv. You can watch Netflix, Hulu, Pandora and Many more for free. Click here for more detail.

A VPN costs only about $5 American dollars or €10 Euros per month. Often times this is less than the cost of Internet service, and almost always less expensive than subscribing to a television package. A provider will offer monthly or yearly contracts, depending on how long you believe you will need to have access to out-of-market television programs. Host countries include locations within the United States, Western Europe, the Middle East, and East Asia, so that your favorite channels and shows pop up as if you were in that city itself. Check out a VPN service for your TV needs if you are away from your traditional location and provider.