How To Watch Netflix US From Other Countries


Netflix is one of the popular online streaming video services around the globe. With free trials and inexpensive monthly costs, Netflix includes a wide variety of television and videos for users to enjoy with content that is being constantly updated.

The popular Netflix US service is only available from within the US, based on the location of the computer or device where it is being accessed – that is, unless you are able to hide the location and program a new one into your device, giving access to Netflix US in the process.

Using a virtual private network, or a VPN, you are able to access Netflix from other countries in the world. How does the virtual private network work?

The VPN allows the user to not only hide their location but place the coordinate of the VPN location to essentially ‘move’ the service to gain access to the Netflix service. Completed through changing simple settings on the device that is being used to access Netflix, it can be an easy way to get access to Netflix programming outside of the country.

What are the costs of VPN services for Netflix?

Services are available for as little as five dollars a month. This subscription fee enables the user to coordinate multiple devices for the Netflix US location making it simple to watch Netflix on the computer, gaming console and even the Ipad.
Using one subscription fee, you are easily able to get the convenience of watching Netflix on the go.

What’s involved in setting up the VPN for the Netflix service?

1.    Choose the VPN for watching Netflix that is going to be used to manage the subscription. Both free and paid services are available (with paid services having a higher probability of providing consistent service)
2.    Use the videos and tutorials that are available to familiarize yourself with the process of changing the information to access Netflix US
3.    Go to the internet browser on the device that you are going to use to access Netflix (to access Netflix and complete this step the device must be enabled with Wi-Fi capability
4.    Visit the website of the VPN service and follow the instructions to change the settings of the device
5.    For existing Netflix accounts it may be required to uninstall and reinstall Netflix
6.    On the website of the VPN service, there should be the option to test the connection status. Use this to determine whether the switch was successful.
7.    Restart the device that is being used to access Netflix and complete the process

Setting up the Netflix service outside of the US can give you access to thousands of movies and television shows, reality television and hundreds of hours of children’s programming.

Perfect for travellers or those living in an area where streaming video services aren’t available, the low cost of a VPN can be an effective way to get the entertainment that you want at-home without having to pay for the high costs of cable and other television subscriptions.

List of Best VPN For Watching Netflix

All you need is us ip vpn to access Netflix. See below for our top vpn services.

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Alternative: Smart dns

Most VPN now provides smart dns for you to access US netflix. With smart dns, you can use it on other non compatible vpn devices like smart tv, game console or bluray player. Please ask you vpn provider for more detail.