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Many individuals use various devices to access company systems away from the office. This presents security challenges since public network communication is risky. A virtual private network (VPN) makes it easy to shield communication from the public. A VPN network is made up of several elements. These include data encryption, client server, and tunneling sessions. The proliferation of mobile devices makes it important to protect data and communication from third parties. The Kindle Fire is an impressive device running Google Android OS. The tablet does not ship with the VPN facility. However, it is quite easy to setup your own VPN. The following guide will take you through how to setup VPN on Kindle Fire.

First Steps

There are several requirements you will have to fulfill in order to setup a functional VPN. The first requirement is a VPN account. Get an account from a reputable VPN service provider. You will need a router that can be configured for virtual network purposes. The last bit on your checklist is an amazon account. There is a wide range of protocols that can be used to access a VPN. These include Open VPN, PPTP VPN, and L2TP VPN. Many people find it difficult to get to grips with the inner working s of these protocols. The World Wide Web has a lot of information that you can use to understand how everything works.

VPN Setup

Anyone can easily setup a VPN by following a few simple steps. The first step is choosing a suitable router. The most popular vpn routers include the Linksys E2000 or Asus RT-N16. If you cannot find these routers in your local electronics store, any other router will do. You must make sure your choice of router uses the Tomato, DD-WRT, or open WRT technology. This will ensure VPN setup progresses smoothly without any hiccups.

Configuring Your Router

This is the last step in setting up your VPN. Navigate to the router control panel. Move to setup and then to basic setup. At this point, look at the WAN setup window. You will see several connection type choices. Choose the PPTP protocol and proceed to click yes on the ‘Use DHCP’ box. The next step involves using the IP address provided by your VPN service provider. This address will enable you to connect to the PPTP server. Make sure you give the correct information before proceeding further. The ‘Connection Strategy’ should be set to ‘Keep Alive’. It is up to you to choose an appropriate redial period according to your preference. Other important settings include STP, which should be disabled. Make sure ‘Disable Packet Reordering’ is enabled. Leave the other options as they are without any alterations. You can proceed to enable PPTP encryption. Before exiting, save and apply the settings. Your virtual private network is up and ready for use. Your VPN experience will depend on services rendered by your provider. It is advisable to choose reputable and professional service providers. Visit user forums and websites to find out how users rate different providers.

Best Kindle VPN

Kindle doesn’t have vpn in the system. So, you need to connect your kindle fire to vpn router.

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