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If you own the device, you might want to figure out how to set up iPad vpn. After all, making use of a virtual private network is a great way to really take advantage of the utility of your local network and to keep the iPad in sync with the various other devices that you might have in your home or in your place of work. Fortunately, the process for setting up the VPN is relatively simple, and it only takes a few steps to go from typical functionality to taking full advantage of your virtual private network’s functionality.

Note: This guide is working on iPad 1, iPad 2, New iPad, Mini iPad and iPad 4

Set VPN on iPad Step One:  Gather the Information

As is typical with setting up a VPN on most devices, it is important to gather together all of your necessary information before you undertake the rest of the process. For the set-up, you will need your user name, the external IP of your computer or the host name, your account password and the chosen secret for the computer. You will not need any other tools, but the process cannot go forward without gathering all of this information.

As a note, it is usually quite a good idea to make sure you actually have the relevant IP address written down correctly before making use of this information. Missing a digit can lead to a lack of usability, and those that tend to have problems can generally trace it back to using the wrong IP address or host name. It is generally recommended that you physical write down this information, as you will not be able to access it on the iPad as you take the time to set up the VPN.

Set VPN on iPad Step Two:  The Set Up

The actual set up process is far easier than you might think. As with most processes on the iPad, the key will be found in the Settings window. You can access Settings by tapping the icon that looks like a set of gears, and doing so will lead you to a wealth of possible options. In this case, you should tap the General settings link.

After you make it to general settings, you will then tap on the Network link. You will then be presented with a VPN option, and you will follow this to the Add VPN configuration option. You will then enter the external IP address of the computer, your account log in name, your password and your secret. RSA SecurID should be set to the “off” position, and Send All Traffic should be set to “On”.


PPTP Configuration

L2TP Set Up

L2TP Set Up : Image from HideMyAss

To make use of the VPN, you simply have to turn the VPN on and the Wi-Fi off. It is important to note that the VPN access will be forcibly dropped if you join a new network, and you must manually turn the function back on to reconnect. You should know that you have successfully set VPN on iPad when you can see the VPN icon that will replace your Wi-Fi status.

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