How To Watch UFC.TV Abroad


If you love UFC, and other fights, this is the site for you; but, if you are outside the US, there are limits to what you can see. Overview

At UFC TV, you can watch the biggest matches, you can watch pay per view events, and you get all the latest matches, regardless of which fights you want to see. The site is limited to those who are in the US, and once you sign up, you get a free 30 day trial. When you are signed up, you can stream on all devices; if you are on the go, your smart phone or tablet, you can stream to your laptop or home PC, and you can stream through the computer, to the TV, if you want to watch on a full size platform as well.

What You Need to Watch UFC TV

To use this site, you have to sign up at, in order to become a member. You can get a month free trial, to check out the fights, see how many matches are going on, to determine if you want to pay for service. After one month free, you will be paying a $9.95 total, and you do have unlimited access to all fights, no matter what time they are on, with this fee. You can watch live, as well as prerecorded fights, once you pay the membership fee. You also have to agree to the terms of service, in order to be able to watch the fights you love.

I’m outside USA. Can I still access UFC.TV?

If you are not in the US, yet love UFC action, you can watch ufc tv abroad with a VPN. These vpn will allow you to unblock any of the blocks that are in place, which restrict people from different countries from watching. You can attain a US based IP address, which will bypass the system, no matter where you are in the world. This means you are going to be able to keep up with your favorite fighters, and watch their matches, even if you are not in the US. So, regardless of which of these options you choose, or what programs you download, you can watch your favorite fights, even if you are not living in the US.

List of Best VPN To Watch UFC.TV Outside US

Sign up for any vpn below to get started.

Visit Site
Private Internet Access
Hideip VPN
Express VPN
Vypr VPN
IpVanish VPN

Now I’ve got VPN account. What’s next?

  1. Connect to VPN and select any US server.
  2. Go to UFC.TV like you usually do.
  3. Enjoy!

I want to watch UFC.TV on other devices. Does VPN support them?

Yes, please refer to how to set up vpn on each vpn provider or ask vpn support.

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One thought on “How To Watch UFC.TV Abroad

  1. What is that number 10 and why is it so expensive? I myself got Surfshark just for that. I don’t use VPN that much so spending reasonable amount of money for the time I would use it felt like a better choice. I did look at bigger providers but the usual issue with them is that when big events come up the regional servers get way too crowded and that affects the stream speed and stability. So far my streaming with Surfshark seems to be smooth sailing even if I got it for cheap with their columbusday coupon.