How to watch Amazon instant video in UK


For individuals living in the UK, with Amazon Instant, and the right proxy in place, you can watch the shows and films you love, for a low price, and avoid the restrictions that are put in place with the service offering.

What is Amazon Instant VDO

Amazon instant Video (Aka Amazon Prime)This is an on demand movie and TV show service, which is powered by Customers can either rent or purchase the films and shows they want to watch, for a low price. There are a total of over 5000 movies and shows available to Amazon Prime members, who subscribe to the service. For those who are members of Amazon Prime, the Amazon instant service is a part of the annual fee.

What is required to watch Amazon instant Video?

One way to watch their shows and films, is to sign up as an amazon prime member; in addition to the free 2 day shipping, you also receive the film and TV shows. The service is compatible with hundreds of HD TVs, it can be viewed on Amazon kindle fire, Roku, smart phones, ios devices Playstation 3-4 and Xbox 360 and Xbox one; you can also stream live online, as long as you have a wi fi connection. To view your shows or movies, you simply go to the Instant Video store, and purchase, or pay the rental fee, based on the amount of time you want to watch. As long as you pay the $79 annually. Although this is cheaper than other services, certain new shows or releases, may cost an additional couple of dollars to watch.

You can get 30-day free trial to test the service then $79/year

How to watch Amazon Instant Video in UK

These services, are a part of the US, Amazon Prime membership; to watch in the UK, you would need to run a proxy, VPN, or Smart DNS. These allow you to mask your IP settings, allowing you to stream anywhere, and in any region, since your devices can’t be detected as US subscriptions.

For VPN there is a low monthly cost that is associated with them; but, you are going to be able to take advantage of the Amazon videos, TV shows, and your favorite films, even if you are in the UK. Not only can you surf undetected, you are also going to be able to visit any site, without your IP address being traced, when using these services.

List of Best USA VPN To Watch Amazon Instant Video in UK

You can use these vpn to watch Amazon instant video perfectly, not just in uk, where ever you are!. After you sign up and set it up on your device. Select US as your country.

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Hideip VPN
Express VPN
Vypr VPN
IpVanish VPN

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