VPN No Logs Services For True Anonymity

vpn no logs

There is one very compelling reason to use VPN services, and that is because your internet connection is not as secure as you would like to believe.  While it is taken for granted that internet service is private, the truth is that everything you do on the internet is being monitored.  Everything you type in a search form is not just between you and your computer.  This is true because the internet is simply a collection of networked computers and for computers to speak with each other over a network they need to trade IP addresses.  Even worse, your ISP likely keeps a log of all these transactions, and this can be referred to anytime to see where you have been surfing in the past.  I’ll bet VPN services are sounding more attractive to you now.  Even with the VPN service you are not always private though.  When using VPN no logs must be kept of your surfing, otherwise your anonymity has been compromised.

Best VPN with No Logs Keep

This is the list of vpn services that keep no logs.

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Private Internet Access
Hideip VPN
IpVanish VPN

Maybe you are still skeptical or wish to avoid using a VPN service.  You think that it is unnecessary because modern day browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox have a built in “anonymous” mode.  The fact is that these anonymous modes do not do anything regarding other services or entities tracking your internet movements.  They simply erase your internet history from your own computer.  Useful if you want to hide your surfing habits from others in your household, but it does nothing concerning the sending of your IP address to other servers or their logs of your incoming requests.

When you choose to take advantage of VPN technology to protect your identity you can finally stop the snooping, spying and prying into your private surfing habits.  This is because you are working within a private network, so your own IP address is hidden.  Anytime you access the internet through your VPN service provider, you are making yourself untrackable provided it is a VPN no logs service.  This is the only method to ensure your movements online are truly private.

VPN services work by randomizing fake IP addresses for each request you make to a server and it also uses servers that are scattered all across the globe.  This fact also allows users to create the illusion that there requests are coming from whatever country they like, so long as the VPN provider has a server located there.  Because of this there is no way to track a person using VPN, provided no logs are kept by the VPN service.  Some services have no option for VPN no logs, particularly those that do not allow for the use of their services to connect to file sharing and torrent sites.  In some cases, you can get a no logs option for an extra charge.

As with any service, the best way to determine if a VPN service will meet your needs is to give them a try.  Many VPN services offer free trial periods or trials with lower service levels.  If anonymity is valuable to you make sure they have a VPN no logs option; otherwise you risk the possibility of your surfing being tracked by the VPN service.  If you think that they would not surrender these logs to law enforcement, you are seriously deluded.  Other things to look for when choosing a VPN service are bandwidth limits (both upload and download), which VPN protocols are supported, how many servers the company uses and where they are located and the companies terms regarding the use of file sharing or torrent sites.

Because of governmental interventions into the freedom of the internet, VPN services are becoming more popular every month.  Should the government in your country continue to invade your internet privacy, there is a darned good chance you will need a VPN solution in the near future.