Versa VPN Review: Quality VPN Service At An Affordable Price

VersaVPN Review

VersaVPN Feature:

– $5 Per Month
– 14 Countries For Shared ip, 19 Countries For Dedicated ip

– PPTP, L2TP and Openvpn
– 1 Day Free Trial, 5-Day Money Back
– Works on Windows, Linux, MAC, Android, iPhone, DD-WRT Router, Xbox and PS3
– Dedicated IP Available

VersaVPN Review

When a user browses the Internet, precious information becomes available to other users, networks, and ISPs. These include IP addresses, incoming data, outgoing data, and other vital information. However, the data can be protected using a VPN service from trusted providers. Read the Versa VPN review below to learn more.


Versa VPN started providing the service in 2010 using its own networks and infrastructures. The company employs in-house staff to ensure 24/7 support and 99.9% uptime. They aim to provide quality VPN and customer service at an affordable price. Their servers only allow 30 users at a time to avoid lags and other common server problems. Their services also include OpenVPN, shared and dedicated IPs, L2TP and PPTP. The versatility of their services provides users a variety of options to choose from.


For the shared IP plan, Versa VPN offers a fixed price of $5.00 per month. However, users can save money by purchasing quarterly ($13.00), semi-annual ($26.00), or annual ($50.00) subscriptions. For an annual subscription, the user can save 20%. There are no hidden fees involved.

The price for dedicated servers depends on the country. Versa VPN offers the cheapest rate of $12.00 per month in the United States and some European countries, including Austria, Germany, Poland, Sweden, and United Kingdom and Italy. The rate is slightly more expensive in Russia, Canada, and the Netherlands at $20.00. In Asian countries, the rates are as follows: $30 in Hong Kong and Singapore, $35 in Japan and South Korea, and $55 in the Philippines.

Countries Supported

There are 64ips for shared ip plan offered in 14 countries below:

Dedicated ip plan offers in 19 countries below:

*Please note VersaVPN provides only Openvpn for dedicated ip. If you want pptp and l2tp you need to pay additional $3.

They also plans to add more servers in other countries as it continues to expand its services.


Customers can choose between shared IP and dedicated IP plans. The shared IP plan grants the user access to OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP services, the ability to switch between 24 different IP’s, high speed servers, unlimited bandwidth, as well as blowfish data encryption for privacy and security. The service includes an all-in-one client platform, which the user can use to use VoIP vpn services, view restricted websites, access the Web anonymously, and others.

The dedicated IP plan allows the user to have access to a dedicated IP address, the fastest servers, the best data encryption services, fast setup, port forwarding, as well as OpenVPN use and support. In addition, 99.9% uptime and 24/7 support is definitely guaranteed in all supported countries.

Customer Support

The in-house staff ensure 24/7 customer satisfaction. These are real people who can provide intelligent solutions to any issues arising from the use of the service. The response is usually provided within 30 minutes or less. The years of experience of customer service personnel ensure that customers get the best services in the VPN industry. To contact support, simply submit a support ticket.

Money Back

A full refund is offered if the customer is not satisfied with the service during the first 5 days of subscription to a premium service. After that, Versa VPN will not issue a refund. However, users who violate the terms of service provided in the agreement are not eligible for this offer.

Traffic and Bandwidth

Customers are entitled to unlimited bandwidth, regardless of the type of service chosen. Customers who chose the shared IP plan can switch between 24 IP’s with no restrictions and limits. Those who choose to subscribe to the dedicated IP plan can enjoy 2048-bit encryption for better data security. The service involves the use of blowfish encryption, which is known to provide one of the best encryption protocols today.


A Versa VPN review on speed shows that the service does provide high speeds at affordable costs. Although the service is very affordable, the quality is still superb. In order for users to avoid experiencing server issues, Versa automatically switches the servers every 30 minutes. This allows the system to evade any issues arising from CPU, memory, and IO limitations. Hence, the speed and integrity of the connections are ensured at all times.

Supported Devices

Aside from laptops and computers, Versa supports gaming units like PS3 and Xbox 360, DD-WRT routers, iPads, iPhones, and other devices that are supported by an operating system. It also works with VoIP software like Skype, as well as websites like Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Digg, Gmail, MSN, AOL, Pandora, YouTube, Hulu, KAT, Orkut, and other sites that are usually blocked in other countries. Hence, users can view websites that are geographically restricted.

Supported OS

Supported operating systems include Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android, and more. Hence, it supports most electronic devices, as long as they have an operating system. In order to ensure that the user platform can be used in a device, the user has to download the correct version on the Versa VPN official website.

Free Trial

Users can enjoy a one-day free trial to evaluate the service. Users can try premium account and cancel it in 5 days to get money back. However, if the service is not cancelled within the given time frame, payment must be made. If the user happens to accidentally forget to cancel the subscription, he or she has the option to ask for a full refund before the fifth day ends. Keep in mind that free trial options only provide limited bandwidth of 400MB per day. In case the user opts to subscribe to the service, Versa VPN offers various ways of payment. These include PayPal, American Express, Bitcoin, Western Union, MoneyBroker, and major credit cards.


This Versa VPN review aims to give readers good information about the service before they plan to purchase. As a conclusion, the company provides quality service at very affordable prices. There are many reasons to choose Versa over other similar services. Users have access to unlimited bandwidth, excellent customer service, unlimited server switch, ultimate encryption, VoIP use, and total anonymity during Internet use. All in all, Versa VPN is one of the few service providers that provide high quality VPN service at very affordable prices.

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7 thoughts on “Versa VPN Review: Quality VPN Service At An Affordable Price

  1. Unfortunately Versa service assistance is very poor .. i have tested.. and them network change too many times, is not stable, reliable, specially if this service is used with port forwarding.. with a router far.. Disregard for customers.. and many other problems, they hope in your money… but the customers then.. run away

  2. I have 50 mbs internet service. I get variable speeds of 0 to 300kbs on all the servers and my connection gets dropped showing my destination site to spying Comcast.

  3. So this 14 countries just include US and EU country exclude those Asian country, would be great if there’s a Asian country included, thanks for the info.

  4. Sorry but i can’t really get it, is that means even the shared ip plan also offer 15 countries meanwhile dedicated ip plan also offer 15 countries but just choose either one, is that right? Thanks. P.S Your shared ip plan just showed 10 countries.

    • Not quite. Shared ip – You pay $5 and you get them all. 14 countries (Japan is not included in shared ip package). You can switch freely among them. Dedicated ip – price is varied by country and you get only 1 country ip that only use by you, not sharing with anybody else. Japan is available for dedicated ip only. If you still want Japanese ip vpn. You have to pay $35/month If you don’t worry about dedicated ip. Check out other vpn providers that offer Japanese ip here, it’s much cheaper P.S. Thank you for notify us.

  5. Hi, did they really offer 15 countries on Shared IP Plan include Japan? I check their site but only showed 14 countries and exclude those Asian countries you listed, please clarify this. Thanks.