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Canada vpn – Being a sailor and confined to a boat much of the time, cruising voyagers in particular are very interested in communications. They are attuned more than most to all the vagaries of the various types of communications and access. Iridium phones, satellite phones, cell phones, air cards, Wi-Fi hot hotspots all are in their bag of tricks.

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Depending on the country and the technology available the problem can be solved in many ways. The big, big thing though is security. Many cruisers, as sailboat folks are termed, are in need of secure web access to check their bank accounts and pay bills on line without the fear of being hacked, phished, or otherwise compromised.

So what to do, what to do? Well a Canada VPN is a simple solution. A VPN for the uninitiated stands for a Virtual Private Network. It is your private and secure portal to the internet from wherever you may make a landfall. It is often described as a vpn tunnel, better yet a portal for you sci-fi types. It is a bolted door, an entry into the Web but a backdoor or secret door of sorts. Secret because of the encryption and security procedures needed to pass through the door.

Imagine a bank vault door. Only the bank manager has the code and, of course, in some banks it is only allowed to open at certain hours, no matter what code or password is entered. Same idea, the portal is YOUR personal secure passageway for entry into the Web. Only you can enter and you can do that any place where you can access the web.

So, if you sailed down the canals of France and are at an Internet Café in Paris or across the Pacific and are in Singapore, so what. Pay the fee, get on line, go to YOUR portal and get on the web and do whatever it is you need to do knowing that all of that information, be it bank transactions or emails home, is secure. Slick, safe and cost effective especially considering the amount of safety and peace of mind you get for the cost.

Stay Connected To Canada with Canada VPN

Canada VPN gives you a virtual portal to the web and then, as far as you are concerned, it is just the same as if you were in Canada itself and you don’t need any new software. Prices vary from 7 to 30 CDN per month depending on the type, number of cities or amount of access you need.

The service is available worldwide and comes in two variations, PPTP VPN or Open VPN. Open type has more robust encryption, while PPTP is more suitable for mobile devices. You will need a router that will support DD-WRT in either case. Canada VPN supplies services at 283 locations in 19 countries worldwide.

So after you get all yours affairs, bank accounts, and bills in order and manageable on line, hoist your sails, set your course, pick up your anchor and go! But don’t forget to call Canada VPN first. Canada VPN can be your solution to safe, secure, simple and sensible internet access wherever your boat and travels take you.

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