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USA VPN, also known as a Virtual Private Network, provides you with remote and private access to websites that might otherwise be blocked. In addition, a VPN shields your online identity so that your personal information is kept safe. There are many reasons to use a VPN and each depends on what you normally would do with your computer and Internet connection. For individuals living outside of the United States, a USA VPN provides access to websites that specifically limit viewing to American users. The use of a VPN is controversial but it is not illegal.

List of Best USA VPN Providers with US IP

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Private Internet Access
Hideip VPN
Express VPN
Vypr VPN
IpVanish VPN

How USA VPN Works
A VPN acts as a mediator for the data that is transferred to and from your computer and a server or other similar machine. The data crosses the Internet into the VPN and is encrypted. Your computer has an address, much like a street address, that identifies who you are and where you are located. Using a USA VPN alters this information to give you a virtual US address and protects your identity at the same time. As far as any server or website is concerned, your computer is located in the United States when you use a USA VPN. This provides you and your computer with access to websites that block addresses from countries outside of the United States.

Why Anonymity is Important
Maintaining anonymity isn’t simply a matter of keeping your personal business out of someone else’s unscrupulous hands, it protects your information from theft. Many people now access the Internet via a wireless connection, whether it be from home, a local free WiFi spot or a mobile device. While many of these offer you the ability to secure your connection, programs and people exist who can compromise this security and steal your information. Using your own USA VPN ensures that no matter where you are connecting to the Internet, your information is identified as emanating from the United States and it is secure.

Surf Anonymously with US IP

Take Advantage of Being an American
Using a USA VPN is not illegal and it can afford you many advantages of being American even if you aren’t. These advantages include shopping at many American website storefronts and engaging in online transactions without the frustration of being blocked when your overseas address triggers a problem. Online commerce sites will welcome your business and you’ll be able to pay with confidence and without concern that you’ll have to call the company in order to complete the transaction because your web address wasn’t in the United States.

USA VPN for Domestic Communication
One of the most substantial costs for communication is due to geographic location. Services such as Skype charge more for calls to and from places outside the United States and that can add up to a significant loss of your revenue. Using a USA VPN ensures that your charges are based on a domestic call and not one from overseas, substantially decreasing your cost. This savings alone can often completely cover the cost of using a USA VPN.

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