An Identity Cloaker Review

Identity Cloaker Review

Identity Cloaker Feature:

– €12.97 Euro/month
– Free trial, 14-day Money Back
– Proxy / SSH Tunnel, OpenVPN Protocol
– Windows Supported
– Unlimited Bandwidth

An Identity Cloaker Review

Identity Cloaker is an Internet Privacy Protection Service. It encrypts data from user’s computer so that they can have some privacy while surfing the web, as well as enable them access blocked or unauthorized sites.


identity cloakerIdentity Cloaker, unlike some greatly advertised free privacy protection software, is not a free service. This means that, while it values the safety and unlimited web surfing ability, it charges a small fee for the service. Currently, people can subscribe to a month’s use of the service by paying 12.97 Euros (to know how much in one’s local currency a user needs to pay for the service, they can simply convert the 6.65 Euros by clicking on the ‘currency conversion’ tool provided at the bottom of the page).

Identity Cloaker charges the small fee- for the excellent services- so that people do not feel restricted or have to pay so much for their Internet privacy and access. Again, ‘ cheaply is expensive’ and most of those said ‘free’ services cost you much- in one way or another- yet their security is not guaranteed. This is because the ‘free’ services are almost always oversaturated with traffic- making browsing extremely slow-, may be seriously infected with many viruses- which can be injected into your computer- and they do not fully encrypt your data- hence making it possible for the service providers of the sites you visit not only know you visited those sites but also follow through what you did on that sites-. Again, some of the said free servers are owned by hackers themselves- who would be too happy to lay hands on people’s information.

Countries Supported

Identity Cloaker currently has servers in 18 servers, with 314 IPs, in 11 countries namely: Poland, Netherlands, USA, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. It, however, has plans of installing servers in countries which may be interested in the service. The service is excellent in all the countries it is available in and plans are underway to ensure that the service provided, even after expansion, will not be comprised.

Identity Cloaker’s servers are their own secured private proxy servers that are physical computers in the said countries or rented Virtual Dedicated Servers in some data centers- throughout the whole world. All the servers are paid for so that only the best quality service ever is provided.


In addition to all the protection and web access services it provides, Identity Cloaker also supports OpenVPN at no additional cost.

Customer Support

One can get any information on our product/ service, from our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) or our help desk. Such information would include: which countries we support or an inquiry for new countries which would love to have our services expended to them, our pricing, what to do if the service is having any hitches working on your devices and money back guarantee if the service completely fails to work on your machine etc.

Money Back

We refund money to the customer if- for whatever reasons- they are not satisfied with our services, or if for any technical reasons- with their geographical location or machines- the service is not being helpful.

Traffic & Bandwidth and Speed

Since Identity Cloaker is not volunteer dependent, its quality of service is predictable; meaning that data transfer speeds are reliable. This also enables people to use high bandwidth services (such as streaming live video among others) without compromising on speeds. One can enjoy speeds of up to 100Mbps.

Supported Devices

Computers, phones, ipads and other devices which have or can run: Windows Vista, MS Windows XP, Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7 computer or Vista 7 are supported by Identity Cloaker.

Supported OS

The following browsers function with Identity Cloaker: Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera.

Free Trial

This Internet privacy protection service is available on a fourteen days trial period; from which one can test the service and get a refund should the service- for any reason- not work with their devices or OS.


How it works
Identity Cloaker masks your IP by acting as a mediator between the server you are using/ your computer and the server you’re requesting information from. For instance, while you seek information a certain website- say GMAIL, your computer sends the request which will first go to one of the Identity Cloaker’s servers (when you are using this software). The server (Identity Cloaker) then encrypts your data and sends it to the server providing the GMAIL service. The GMAIL server then sends the requested information’s reply back to the Identity Cloaker’s server; which then sends it to your computer. In this manner, the Identity Cloaker mediates between your computer and the service provider server (you are surfing) so that in no instance will the service provider of GMAIL service provider deals directly with you (your computer); therefore cannot trace you.

Identity Cloaker is a powerful Software; a tool which can help one achieve much while surfing on the web. People should thus take caution to use it wisely and not carry out any illegal activities. It is in this regard, therefore, that the provider of this service will not be held responsible for any illegal activities carried out through the service- by people- and that users of the service shall take full responsibility/ will be held responsible for their actions.

Using identity cloaker/ Installing
Though Identity Cloaker is complicated- in its working mechanism- which is what makes it effective in ensuring your online security and access to sites you would otherwise not have accessed for any reason, it is quite easy to use. For windows application, one can download a small windows PC application and follow the simple easy-to-install steps which include: clicking on the ‘install’ and ‘connect’ tabs that appear on your computer screen. For people who are interested in the technical working mechanisms of this amazing service, all information can be sought from Identity Cloaker’s FAQ or help desk pages.

With Identity Cloaker, your web surfing is secured, and you can gain access to as many websites as its proxy servers can access.

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