One main reason to use vpn router is you can use one vpn account for all wireless devices in your home network such as Laptop, apple tv, smart tv, wii, xbox 360, playstation 3, smart phone, ipad, iphone and etc. This not only save you money but secure your online traffic and cut the complication of setting things up on each device. For this kind of vpn account you better sign up for unlimited bandwidth vpn account. They are provided by vpn providers in difference package.

Best VPN Router

These VPN routers can be flashed with DD-WRT firmware. They are also recommended by HideMyAss and Strong VPN

Linksys WRT54GL

Sale Price: $49.00

Asus RT-N16

Sale Price: $79.00

Linksys EA4500

Sale Price: $138.00

Linksys E4200

Sale Price: $100.00

Linksys E3000

Sale Price: $235.00


Sale Price: $190.00

Asus RT-N66U

Sale Price: $150.00

Netgear R6300

Sale Price: $193.00

Linksys EA3500

Sale Price: $120.00

Netgear N600

Sale Price: $90.00

A Reason Why You Need To Use VPN Router Technology

Asus rt n16 vpn router
One main reason why you need to use VPN router technology is increased security with one of the two available protocols. Virtual private networking is also a convenient option for businesses with several networked computers in more than one office location. VPN allows you to access your work computer system from other locations, which can make a big difference in productivity.

Some desktop and laptop computers come with built-in hardware that allows VPN router access as soon as the machine is set up for the first time. Enabling a VPN usually involves checking a box in the included software. With hardware that does not have built-in VPN support, a couple of extra steps are required. These involve installing a software program that will enable VPN support for an existing protocol, such as a dynamic host configuration protocol or network address translation protocol.

Once the needed VPN access is in place, each computer user in a network can start a session that will enable remote access. As a new VPN user, you may be concerned about possible data interception from hackers, but modern security features of this protocol are actually more robust than those of standard DCHP or NAT router technologies. Connecting to a VPN usually entails opening the needed software and entering a unique login. After completing needed tasks, you can simply log off just as with any other program requiring a username and password.

Setting up VPN router technology for a business does require a few key decisions to safeguard the network from malware and digital intruders. Two different available protocols for a VPN are the Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol and the Point to Point Tunneling Protocol. Computer technology experts recommend that businesses use the L2PTP if you are transmitting any sensitive information over a VPN. This protocol has added layers of encryption that prevent unauthorized access to the network. Strong passwords also further minimize the risk of security breaches.

Another benefit of a VPN is faster task completion on projects. If you are working on a multi-step team project with other employees who work in different locations, keeping everyone updated can become a challenge. A secure virtual private network allows everyone access to each file of a project so that assigned workers can make needed changes quickly. Using a VPN with project management software can make a significant difference in the timeliness and quality of team projects.

A main reason why you need to use VPN router technology for an office network is a higher rate of efficiency. Employees are able to access their needed files and work programs at any time and from any remote location. A secure VPN can open up more possibilities if you are considering expanding your office locations or allowing some employees to telecommute. Setting up this network option often comes with added costs of software and employee training, so you will need to factor in these expenses and weigh them against the benefits of adding this type of network to your company.

Top VPN Providers For VPN Router

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