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Poland VPN

Poland VPN’s Keep Freedom Of Internet Use For The People

People are addicted to the Internet all around the world, and Poland is no different. However, certain restrictions keep Polish residents from visiting all the network sites online. This has given rise to VPN’s, or Virtual Private Networks, offering subscriptions to services that correct the problem. Online sites such as Skype, certain television shows, Netflix and some radio channels are among those banned in Poland. VPN’s are able to bypass the government censorship and let the people have unlimited freedom to visit any network site they choose.

List of VPN Providers with Polish IP

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Express VPN
Vypr VPN
IpVanish VPN

Currently, the government in Poland is trying to pass a measure called ACTA, which would require internet service providers to monitor users. The stated mission is to stop copyright infringement, but it also gives the police the freedom to search the public’s use, at will. It has yet to pass the parliament, but inside sources agree that this censorship treaty will pass. The areas protected from copyright infringement are broad, ranging from pharmaceuticals to clothing.

Nevertheless, there are many world-based companies offering the Internet to areas such as Poland, over any type of Internet connection. Broadband gives the best connection, but cable, dial-up, Wi-Fi and DSL are supported, as well. Monthly subscription rates start low for basic capabilities such as streaming, but larger packages are available for business purposes.

All connections remain anonymous, and travel through a fully secure and encrypted connection. A new IP address coming from an unrestricted area of the world is provided. Furthermore, no special software or hardware is needed, other than a basic computer, mobile phone or other mobile device with Internet capability. Poland VPN is helping to keep democracy alive for the people, who were able to witness the recent shake-up in the United States over Internet censorship.

Virtual private networks advertise a policy of not recording websites visited by their customers, only keeping track of the connection times and transfer amounts. They do expect that users of their service will refrain from illegal activity, or that which is harmful to another person. Protection from hackers is high, since the Poland VPN engineers constantly monitor for any viral or harmful access.

Poland VPN

As far as transfer rate speed, most virtual private networks available in Poland advertise high-speed, but other intermediate connections may not be as fast. This all contributes to the actual data transfer speed, but most VPN’s have speed test sites where anyone can try out their service, before committing to a subscription. Since a VPN will give the subscriber an IP address in another country, or multiple countries, much depends on that country’s transmission rate, to the end user.

For now, those who believe in freedom of speech and information for the public, have options. In countries such as Saudi Arabia, and soon Poland, the use of a VPN will give to the public, that which is available to the free world. Governments who wish to suppress the people’s rights will not have such an easy time, as in the past. Freedom means dealing in other ways with harmful material at the root cause, not by suppressing everyone’s right to use other information freely, and without fear of punishment.

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