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Why Use a Russian VPN?

Virtual Private Networks have become an integral part of modern communication structure. They allow multiple users to connect to a centralized organization network offering highest security standards. Since the advent of Internet, people of Russia have been trying hard to overcome restrictions imposed by local authorities to censor access to sensitive information. Despite such restrictions, Russia has emerged a powerhouse of technology ready to compete for technological supremacy. It is a fact that Russia is among the most wired countries in the world, but nearly 150 million people are still struggling for the freedom that the Internet provides.

List of Russian VPN Provider with Russian IP

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Express VPN
Vypr VPN
IpVanish VPN

To overcome such issues, the public has resorted to Russian VPN. Now, Russian VPN is the method of choice for many Russians who want full access to websites that are deemed security risk by the Russian government. According to experts, the proliferation of VPN technology in Russia was made possible by the influx of foreign investment forcing Russian engineers to implement Internet based VPN on a massive scale.

Initially, it was difficult to market such a product due to the lack of knowledge about VPN among the general public. As time passed, it seems that nearly everyone in Russia needs a VPN to access restricted websites. In majority of cases, these websites are not a security risk because they only contain general information. In the last decade, Russian authorities denied public access to US embassy website. This made it difficult for Russians to download Visa forms and review immigration terms.

How Russian VPN Works?

Multiple incidents forced many Russians to look to VPN. Virtual Private Networks allow anyone to access the web without disclosing their identity. It eludes the system by changing the IP address in the browser. Such a covert action enables users to operate from their home country while using the IP address of a remote location.
Anyone can subscribe to a VPN service. It only costs a couple of dollars a month to gain unlimited access to almost any type of content on the Internet. Once subscribed, users are automatically assigned an IP address outside the host country while the information flows through an encrypted virtual tunnel. The encryption makes sure that your identity is secured.

The Difference Between VPN, Proxy and IP-Hiding Software

When technology companies began to advertise Russian VPN, it was mistaken to be just another kind of proxy server. Instead, VPN is very different from proxy servers and IP-hiding software. Proxy servers act just like a VPN, but they are security risks. It is very easy to hack information from proxies. Just imagine, how would you feel when using credit card on a proxy server? In contrast, VPN is the only existing technology that makes it possible for users to surf the Internet securely without leaking any data.

Is It Illegal?

Enjoy your Russia VPN experience because there is no exiting law that bars public to access general information. This is precisely why governments all over the world have never implemented rules to counter VPN measures. You are not doing anything illegal. VPN is the only way to enjoy full freedom on the Web.

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