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The word ‘VPN’, which is used considerably on the internet, stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN connection provides a secure and encrypted ‘tunnel’ from a computer to another geographical destination via the internet. This private tunnel or network moderates and filters all TCP internet connections, both incoming and outgoing. A VPN tunnel or connection is completely anonymous and allows a user to keep their internet activity confidential and secure. This makes it the ideal solution for anyone who is concerned about internet security or privacy, or wishes to conceal or disguise their internet activity. VPN tunnels are widely used by people who face restrictions on their internet, have their activity filtered, or are geographically barred from accessing certain services or online applications. VPN services can be used from any country around the world – all that is required is an active internet connection and a computer.

List of VPN Providers with Spanish IP

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Express VPN
Vypr VPN
IpVanish VPN
VPN Secure

Home to more thsn 46 million people, Spain is one of the world’s most populous countries, and it now has nearly 30 million internet users, as well as 50 major internet service providers (ISPs). While there is currently no known internet censorship being carried out in Spain, the country would of course be subject to any restrictions placed by the European Union. Recently, there has been an increase in proposed legislation that would moderate or monitor the internet usage of individuals in an attempt to crack down on internet piracy, online criminal activity, immoral behavior and related internet usage. From Spain VPN services can be used to protect sensitive or confidential activity whilst surfing the internet. This is particularly attractive for those who want to maintain the anonymity of their web browsing and other online usage: VPN connections are used by high-profile government agencies and organizations such as banks to ensure that data cannot be retrieved from a remote location by hacking into a connection. By using a reliable, fast and secure VPN connection, you can conceal the geographical location of your computer. Many services encrypt incoming and outgoing data using 1024-bit SSL military-grade secure encryption, with no provider logs created, so that your online activity is completely safe and anonymous.

In Spain VPN services are attractive because they allow users to access services that would otherwise be unavailable because of their geographical location. Some users make use of Spain VPN services in order to access foreign TV stations, such as the BBC in the UK or CNN in the USA, as well as streaming other media from the US and the UK without moderation: Hulu, Netflix and BBC iPlayer (read bbc iplayer vpn) do not offer services to Spanish internet users, but with a VPN connection users can bypass these restrictions. Other users purchase VPN services in order to make their browsing more secure, particularly for activities such as banking where sensitive data is being transferred along a potentially unsecured line. VPN connections change the IP address of your connection, foiling the attempts of hackers and organizations to tap into your internet usage. With cyber crime on the rise, it is a good time to protect your internet connection.

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  1. Tunnelbear works well in Spain

  2. IP Vanish do not have a Spanish Server, nor do they have much of a service. They claim to have three Spanish IP Address to choose from. One never sends or receives data. The other two flag as being in Holland (2,000Km North of Madrid). They claim it’s not their fault it’s the fault of 3rd Part Geolocation software and failed updates. BS they don’t even check their servers. Their Portuguese server was a no go to, and others were flagging as other countries aside from what they claim. Their Spanish IP’s don’t even start with the correct digits. Avoid. I got a refund immediately. Utterly useful, didn’t even have the integrity to accept fault, they were trying to blame everyone else, but themselves!!!