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If you have not heard of the music app Pandora, you are missing out on an incredible amount of free music. This digital radio station pumps in millions of tunes, completely free of charge, and allows you to play it on your computer and smart phone with ease. The problem with this nifty little program, however, is that it can only be purchased through an App Store based out of the United States, and will only work when you Internet provider reads that you are accessing it from an American Internet service. This does not mean, however, that you are limited to listening to tunes within the US. If you live in Canada, Europe, Japan, or Australia, you can use a VPN for Pandora to access the entire music library.

Why does Pandora care about where you use it? Like any other radio provider, they rely on advertisements to sustain their operations. As the bulk of advertisement money they receive comes from American companies looking for American customers, they will automatically block users outside the US from listening in. Luckily, a VPN is a way around this process. A VPN re-adjusts the position of your signal so that it comes from an American source and presents your location as within the United States. It is a simple matter of connecting to the provider once you establish the service and enjoying all the apps and music files you would within America.

The first step for a VPN for Pandora service is simple: get Pandora on your computer or your smart phone. Usually all it takes to get connected to Pandora is an email account, but bypassing the nationality barrier may require setting up Pandora with an American iTunes account. This can be done with any credit card (though it does not cost money). Then download Pandora, and be sure to do so from the United States App store.

Setting up a VPN on a computer is fairly easy; doing so on a smart phone is a bit trickier. The first step is to find a VPN service provider that will intercept your signal and change it to an American location. This is not a free service, but does not cost very much. A Hide My Ass VPN, for instance, may only run a few dollars per month and, furthermore, is free for smart phones. Plug the router in to the computer, and it will access the Internet through the VPN and give you an American location. You do not have to do much more work than this, unless your computer is Wi-Fi only, in which case the router must be hooked up to the Wi-Fi connection itself and then rebooted.

On a smart phone, you will have to browse the settings on your phone. Turn off the WiFi signal and go into the network settings. Add the VPN configuration information, save it, and then go back to the home browser. Turn the WiFi back on, then turn the VPN singal on in the settings command list. If it is done correctly, the status will read “connected” and the VPN image will show up at the top of your phone. If it does not work, turn off your phone and then start it up again, trying each step over again.

Now that you have the signal on either a PC or a smart phone, you can connect to Pandora without fear of being blocked. The VPN for Pandora solution allows you access to Pandora’s library of music from outside the US, although you do have to put up with the occasional commercial, just like real radio.

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