Cienen VPN Review

Cienen VPN

Cienen Feature:

– $9.95/month
– Servers in 5 Countries
– PPTP, L2TP and SSTP – Dedicated Ip Available
– Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, Symbian S60, iOS Support
– 3 Hour Free Trial

Cienen VPN Review

This Cienen review will try to gauge the efficiency and other aspects of this popular VPN service. Established in 2006, this American company having its main office in New York has been providing quite good VPN services over dedicated and shared IP networks. Cienen has maintained a good reputation in the market, and majority of customers are satisfied with their services.

Countries Supported

People can access VPN services of Cienen from anywhere in the world. The company has installed a network of sophisticated servers around the globe, and the major ones are in United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Canada. Secondly, users have the option of switching between servers, as many times as they like, without any restrictions or extra fees. This means people from anywhere in the world can get unrestricted access to all websites, and any online video and movie streaming channels. By subscribing to this VPN service, people can enjoy the full potential of the Internet without any restrictions that may be imposed by their native countries.


Cienen uses PPTP, SSTP, and L2TP VPN protocols to provide access to all its servers to their customers.

Supported OS and Devices

Cienen VPN services are compatible with a variety of operating systems and devices. Users can connect through the major operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux, Mac OS X, and through devices like iPad, iPhone, and any smartphone running Android or Symbian S60.

Speed and Bandwidth

Cienen is one of the few VPN services that guarantee an uptime of more than 99%. The company also offers quite impressive speeds for its connections and promises it customers, movie viewing without any buffering. Cienen has made this possible by installing many 10 GB public and private ports to each of its servers. Usually the speed of VPN services get affected by data routing and encryptions; however, Cienen has side stepped these issues by the installation of extra ports, which provide fantastic speeds. Even customers who have subscribed to Shared IP Network will be sharing only the addresses, and the fast speed for individual connection is not affected by the sharing. This means even the account with multiple access enjoys dedicated speed for each of its users. Lastly, there are no bandwidth restrictions for any of the accounts.

Privacy and Encryption

Cienen VPN services provide excellent privacy and security to its users. Customers subscribing to Dedicated IP enjoy the best security with 128-bit encryption channel. Users can securely bank or shop online from any location, as each user is provided with a dedicated IP with encryption. Hence, even when users changes locations, their access to the Internet is through the dedicated IP, and not from the IP address of their local ISP. Even for users subscribing to shared or dynamic IP address, there is good amount of security, even when using wireless hotspots. Lastly, Cienen is also able to provide excellent level of privacy to all its users. The company does not keep records of user activity, and all activities remain hidden even to Internet Service Providers. This means users are not only able to access any website from anywhere in the world, but can also keep all their activities private. Such privacy is ideally suited for people who want to play poker and other gambling games that may be banned in their countries.


Cienen has a simple pricing structure that takes care of varied requirements of customers. The company offers two monthly plans; Dedicated IP and Shared IP. The Dedicated IP plan costs $14.95 per month, whereas the Shared IP is available for $9.95 per month. However, the Shared IP account can be shared between seven people, without compromising on the speed. Hence, for the price of one account, users are actually getting seven accounts. This is ideally suited for family members or a group of friends who want to share a single account. When considering this option, the fees actually work out to only about $1.43 per month per person (9.95 divided by 7).

Customers can reduce the fees by choosing a longer billing cycle. For instance, the Dedicated IP plan is available for $119.40 for yearly payments, $59.70 for half-yearly payments, and for $29.85 for quarterly payments.

People who require higher level of security should opt for the Dedicate IP account even though it costs more. However, the Shared IP account also provides good amount of security, without a dedicated IP address.

Free Trial

Cienen provides a 3-hour free trial of its VPN services. However, this free trial is available to only certain countries listed on the company’s website. The activation of the free trial is automated, and hence people can start using this plan instantly. People who want to avail the free trial will have to go to the Free Trial offer page and enter their phone number. They will then receive an automated phone call, which will tell them their 4-digit PIN Code that has to be entered in the verification page. Further, email address and name has to be entered, and the account is created and ready to use. A person can create one trail account, once in thirty days.


Cienen offers to issue a full refund, if the customer is not satisfied by their services. There is no mention of any restrictions of claiming a refund, and hence it is presumed that Cienen will refund payments anytime.

Customer Support

Cienen has a dedicated support team available 24/7, all days of the year. Customers can access support through email, phone, live chat, or support ticket system. The company website also provides clear instructions for setup and other technical issues.

Conclusion of Cienen Review

Cienen provides quite good VPN services at affordable price, particularly when you consider the Shared IP plan that can be shared between seven individuals. This company has also become quite popular for providing unrestricted access to all TV channels in the United Kingdom, particularly those offered by TVCatchup, BBC, ITV and many more. The best part is people are able to enjoy video streaming without any buffering issues.

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