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HK VPN Providers – Virtual private networks (VPN) in Hong Kong are available in several areas. These networks allow users that are away from the job site or a remote office to stay connected with a central network. It can provide extra layers of protection through data encryption and authentication requirements for each user on the network.

List of HK VPN Providers with Hong Kong IP

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Express VPN
Vypr VPN
IpVanish VPN
VPN Secure

A Hong Kong based VPN allows users to connect to a server located in Hong Kong. Users that connect through this service shall receive an assigned IP address from Hong Kong and will allow any traffic that is created through this connection to be shown as Hong Kong traffic.

The main benefits of a Hong Kong VPN will vary depending on its usage. Users who need to access a central network connected in Hong Kong may benefit from the speed of access through a server that is closer to the network or hosting the network. They can provide a unique dedicated IP address which can be used to bypass censorship and access the internet restriction free without ISP logging. Users can remain anonymous on the internet when using a Hong Kong VPN while still having global access.

The reason why Hong Kong is able to be used to bypass filters in China is due to the fact that the area has the policy of “One land, two systems” which allows it to have different politics and laws than mainland China. This gives the unique opportunity for mainland Chinese internet subscribers as well as subscribers from around the world to access the internet through a virtually free access system. There is only a tiny fraction of the internet which cannot be accessed through a Hong Kong VPN which can be attributed to universally unacceptable content online.

Premium Hong Kong VPN services are generally affordable on a month to month basis. Half year and full year subscriptions to the service will generally cut the cost by half with most VPN providers. Some providers will have non-premium and even free services that can help to mask some of the internet activity from an ISP but may lack in the personal networking requirements of the majority of users.

VPN is supported by virtually every device that is internet capable. Computer systems running Mac OS, Windows OS, Linux and custom OS can be configured to work with a VPN. Entertainment consoles (such as video games and streaming) can be connected to a VPN through the same procedures and may also improve connection speed to servers. Mobile devices such as iOS or Android as well as other handheld internet capable devices can use the VPN to access data securely.

A majority of the services will provide a money back guarantee within a set period. This period can be anywhere from 10 days to 30 days in length which gives adequate time to test out the service to see if it fits the needs of the subscriber. It is important for the subscriber to configure their devices and test out the service to determine whether or not it is suitable before their guarantee period expires.

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