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Portugal has a population of over 10.6 million. It is the 77th most populated country worldwide. Internet service is quite common in Portugal with almost 5.6 million users. The high demand has led to the entry of over twenty Internet Service companies. It is essential to note that Portugal has no censorship of the internet making it vulnerable to any decisions made by the European Union.

List of VPN Provider with Portuguese IP

Visit Site
Express VPN
Vypr VPN
IpVanish VPN

Portugal is listed among the countries whereby censorship and the severity of freedom of speech have existed for a long time. The censorship history can be traced back to the days of Ferdinand I. The main reason behind censorship had been the church’s influence on the people’s decisions. Next in line was Estado Novo who had a tough censorship policy in the year 1926. This involved a thorough imposition of the policy on the media, which has negatively affected the media on the web. Several websites have been banished because of the government’s criticisms. Some bloggers have been arrested with some of the blogs being blocked.
Such situations have made internet users in Portugal to look for ways of gaining access to the internet so that they could express themselves freely and independently. They also aim at identifying the facts.

Portugal VPN is the best choice for the Portuguese internet users. This is because Portugal VPN provides users with anonymity as they express their feelings. The advantage of using VPN is that it does not reveal the user’s IP address making him or her unknown. These increases the bloggers morale, which makes them feel safe as they make their blogs. Other benefits that come along with using the Portugal VPN include fast paced servers, unlimited bandwidth, and security for your web visitors. One no longer has to worry when using the public Wi-Fi connection.
Some of the established Internet Service Providers in Portugal includes IAPS, VyprVPN, ExpressVPN, StrongVPN and Hidemyass. These service providers offer low monthly rates that range from $ 11.00 to $ 15.00 per month.

VPN works through the encryption of internet traffic that is redirecting using a VPN server. This initiative has two quick effects. Firstly, the internet traffic is obscured from any person who could be listening. The ISP or agency has no idea about the actual internet traffic coming in to a certain site. Secondly, as one visits other sites, the IP address remains hidden from those sites that are visited. This assures the user of anonymity.

Portugal VPN
Hackers search for new victims, which makes it necessary to use VPN because of the anonymity. Firefox has a plug-in referred to as Fire sheep, which is the preferred tool for hackers because it is easy to use. VPN keeps one protected from such attacks.

On the other side, it is necessary to note that, with VPN, the rate is reduced. The main cause of this is traffic routing and encryption. Most of the VPN service providers charge a fee. However, there are those that are free. Although, there are some bad reviews about them, most of the complaints are in relation to the limitations on bandwidth, connection drops and slow speed. Therefore, those who care about their privacy should opt for VPN services.

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