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The Boxee Box is a pretty cool gadget and very useful in watching many shows online. Simply plug the device to a flat screen TV, connect it to the Internet through wire or wireless technology, and watch your favorite shows. However, you may be restricted to watch shows that are restricted to certain countries only. This is where a VPN for Boxee Box becomes useful.

Understanding Geo-restrictions

Geographical restrictions are totally frowned upon by many Internet users. In China, for example, browsers cannot access Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and other websites owned by businesses outside the country. This restricts tourists from using these websites while inside the country.

In the US, there are also websites that can only be viewed from within the 50 states. Netflix, Hulu, and Pandora are some of the best examples. These websites can only be viewed within the US, thus blocking other countries from access. There are similar cases in Canada, UK, and Australia. If the restrictions are set, there is no way a person using normal Internet connection can access the sites from the outside.

Boxee Box Restrictions

Boxee offers people a chance to connect to the Internet and watch their favorite shows on the flat TV screen TV monitor. However, if the device is used outside the US, then the users can no longer access sites like Netflix and Hulu. Likewise, people from the US cannot view videos that are restricted for UK viewing only. Youtube, for example, allows users to restrict viewers to certain countries. Therefore, not all people can view the video, unless the restrictions have been lifted.

Lifting the Restrictions

The geographical restrictions on videos can be lifted through the use of VPN for Boxee Box. A virtual private network works like a charm because it allows people to view certain website content from the perspective of a different country. What the service does is create a tunnel from the client computer to the remote VPN server. The server disguises the client computer’s location by assigning a different IP address in order for the user to access geo-restricted sites like Netflix, certain Youtube videos, and the like.

Benefits of Using VPN

VPN for Boxee Box does not only lift geo-restrictions. It also provides a strong layer of protection through encryption. The service encrypts all communication coming from the client. This means that all sensitive outgoing and incoming data are protected from the prying eyes of ISPs, hackers, spammers, and the like.

There are other ways to lift geographical restrictions including proxy servers and IP masking software. The use of proxy servers does not guarantee safety and quality video streaming. First of all, proxy servers do not protect sensitive information. Since most servers are unsecure, sensitive data can be intercepted by hackers and spammers. In addition, the quality of the videos is often degraded. Hence, VPN for Boxee Box is still the best bet when it comes to Internet security and quality video streaming.

Finding The Best Service Provider

Finding the best VPN service is not easy. There are so many options online, but when it comes to providing quality video streaming, there are sites that are especially good at it. The best way to determine which service providers are worth the money is to check out reviews on our site.

You can read individual reviews from our vpn review and check the latest comments as well for updates. You can also read forums that talk about popular VPN services. Even Boxee has its own forum that deals with the topic in detail. In order for you to make your video streaming experience worth the time, use the best service available.

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