Netflix USA version currently has the best library offering of movies and TV series, but there’s just one problem. Netflix subscribers are blocked from accessing or seeing that content if they live outside the US. If you are living in Dubai, Australia, the UK region, Spain, Germany, Canada, Asia or France, you won’t be able to see it.

Does this mean you won’t ever be able to see U.S Netflix? There is a possibility. You can change your Netflix country and bypass regional limitations. Switching to a U.S. version Netflix region will allow you to watch the excellent selection of content, and this can be done when you install a Smart DNS or a VPN. Here’s how to watch American Netflix on Smart TV outside USA:

Smart TVs

A smart TV is the kind of TV that can connect to the internet. Almost all of these TVs have some pre-installed apps such as YouTube and Netflix. If you find that your TV already has it, then simply connect to your home Wi-Fi, open the Netflix app and enjoy the streaming content without having to buy additional devices.

Some of the more popular Smart TVs that can stream Netflix are the following- Google TV, Sony Bravia, Samsung Smart TV, Sharp, Philips, Panasonic, Vizio, LG HDTVs and WebOS. VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks can also unlock additional channels that are normally blocked. Some of the channels include Vudu, HBO GO, Now TV, BBC iplayer, Crackle, Amazon Instant Video and Hulu Plus.

However, not all kinds of Smart TVs have a compatibility with VPN services. The Apple TV is one of them. But you can still make it stream American Netflix by using Smart DNS proxies.

How To Watch Netflix US On Your Smart TV With Smart DNS

Smart DNS gives Smart TVs a chance to display geo-restricted content (Now TV, Vudu, Crackle, BBC iplayer, Hulu and Netflix) and all your favorite shows no matter where you are. Smart DNS does this by redirecting the necessary bits of information to regional content using your internet connection.

Smart DNS is different from VPN services in that it doesn’t affect your internet speed. However, it does not protect you from the prying eyes on the web. You will not have the online privacy that VPNs provide. Using a Smart DNS allows you to switch from server to server to unlock the specific region you wish to watch content on simultaneously. This means you can watch American Netflix and UK content concurrently with just one switch. Smart DNS programs such as Unlocator can unblock streaming sites and allow you to watch region-specific content on your Smart TV.

How To Watch American Netflix On Your Smart TV With VPN
VPN is short for Virtual Private Network. With it, you can spoof your location and change your IP address. What this means is that a good VPN service will allow you to hide your IP address successfully. Once this is done, you can then choose any geo-location IP address from any of the available servers all over the world.

VPNs mask all the internet traffic that comes and goes from your modem. All that data transmission is protected. Recent VPN features allow you to circumvent ISP throttling tactics such as transparent proxies and DNS hijacking. Setting up the VPN takes little to no time. You can choose a US-based server to unlock US geo-located content such as Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video and Netflix. Moreover, VPNs give you that extra layer of protection online. You can connect to the web as an anonymous user and prevent websites from tracking your IP address down to your actual location.

Keep in mind that not all Smart TVs can handle VPN apps. You can use a VPN-enabled router to change your geo-location IP address, then have your Smart TV connect to the Wi-Fi and start streaming American Netflix.

Best VPN Service to watch US Netflix on Smart TV

Using VPN services such as ExpressVPN can unlock the exclusive region content and make it available for your viewing. If you have used VPN services before and find that they’re not working (you receive an error message that goes something like this “You seem to be using a proxy or an unblocker. Turn off the service and try again.”), you can use ExpressVPN to reset the block and make it accessible again. The error message may also show up as a Netflix proxy error.

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