Beat The Great Firewall Of China With VPN | List of Best VPN For China

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China is home to some 1.5 billion people, the Great Wall of China that runs for an estimated 21,196 km and the Great Firewall that is presided over by Chinese Internet authorities. In regards to Internet usage, China is one of the World’s heavily censored countries. There is strict and intense surveillance of all Internet activities by the government. The Chinese government has been censoring the World Wide Web since its inception. According to Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society, only 2% of the 450 million Chinese Internet users make use of circumvention technologies and tools. Some of the most common circumvention tools used in China includes proxy servers, TOR, and VPN. VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network. If you are a Chinese citizen or an expatriate, learning how to use VPN in China may come in handy sooner than later.

It is hard to come across a VPN service that is reliable and offers non-stop connection in China due to the incessant censoring of the Internet. Some well known websites and applications that are blocked in China include Twitter, YouTube, Gmail and Facebook. Surfing the Internet via WiFi will not help matters either since all public Wi-Fi providers in China are closely monitored by the relevant bodies. According to China’s law, the Internet service provider is solely responsible for any access of prohibited sites or service at his/her outlet. The great Firewall of China presents expats with severe Internet usage obstacles. For example, they cannot access Gmail, which is the leading email service provider in the world or any foreign-based social media site.

List of Best VPN For Using in China

First of all, We want you to click on “visit site” button first to see if you can gain access to the vpn site. Because we don’t know when Chinese firewall blocks access to those vpn sites. If you can’t access vpn site. Then you might not be able to use that vpn service.

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Hideip VPN
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Vypr VPN
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IpVanish VPN

VPN offers the simplest solution to all these challenges. VPN helps Chinese Internet users break free of the manacles presented by the Great Firewall as well as gain access to their favorite Internet and social media sites. Here is how VPN works. It sets up a secure link between your computer and another computer in a foreign country. The websites that you visit are “tricked” into thinking that you are actually a resident of a country that does not have Internet restrictions. Some of the best VPN services in China include PureVPN, StrongVPN and Hidemyass. Their starting price ranges from $9.95 to $11.52 per month. Others include ExpressVPN, Kryptotel, SwitchVPN and proXPN. Some of these VPN sites may be reported blocked in some regions but function normally in other regions. For this reason, you should ensure that the VPN service provider you choose serves your region. VPN sites marked as ‘recommended SSTP vpn’ imply that the site performs best on SSTP. In China, it is best to use OpenVPN or SSTP since L2TP and PPTP have stability issues and may be blocked in some cities.

The aforementioned VPN services have some of the best packages in the business. They offer several servers depending on what you want to access. For example, if you are in China and want to watch Hulu, a US server would suffice. The same rule applies to anyone who would like to watch BBC from China. A UK vpn would be best placed to serve such a user. When shopping for a suitable VPN service provider in China, it is important to check the bandwidth limit. Some applications such as video streaming are data intensive. Some first-rate VPN service providers provide their users with unlimited data. Others support the use of BitTorrent files for legal use only such as downloading of shareware games. Torrents are especially ideal for downloading TV shows and movies.

Last but not least, your chosen VPN service in China should be compatible with numerous Operating Systems such as Windows 7, windows xp, Linux vpn and Max OS X. The service should also support your iPad, iPhone or Android device.