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HideMyAss VPN Feature:

– Start from $2.99 per month
– 7 Days Free Trial for free
– 1100+ VPN servers in 290 locations worldwide
– DNS Leak Blocking
– Killswitch
– 30-day money-back guarantee
– 24x7x365 Support via Live Chat, Email and Phone on our site
– Native apps for Android and iOS, and manual settings available for variety of routers
– Can be used on 5 devices at the same time

Hide My Ass Price

HideMyAss Review: Is It Worth The Money?

HideMyAss (HMA) is regarded as one of the VPN choices available. The company is based in the UK and provides an array of services such as anonymous surfing, unblocking websites, and hiding IP addresses. But what makes HMA so special? In this HideMyAss review, I’ll explain why.

Over 290 Virtual Locations

VPN services aren’t very helpful if they’re only available in a few countries. If your location happens to be far away from the server country, you’ll end up with a very slow connection. HMA doesn’t have that problem since they have a presence in 196 countries, with an accumulation of over 120,000 IP addresses. No matter where you are in the world, there’s a good chance HMA has a server near you.

Another benefit to numerous locations is that it is easy to gain localized content. For example, you will finally be able to watch Vivo and Hulu videos that are only available in certain countries. If you want to access French content, simply get onto a French server and voila!

Ease of Use

HideMyAss is easy to use, even if you aren’t a computer-savvy person. Just signup, download the program, and install it on your computer. HMA has their own software, which is uncommon amongst VPN services. Once you run the program, you’ll be able to access any of HMA’s functions with a click of a button.

Android App Also Available

Hide my ass has Android app in google market. If you have android tablet or android phone. You can use it for free. This helps you skip all complicated setup on your device.

Click here to go to Hide My Ass App on Google play

Click here to go to Hide My Ass App on iTune


For many customers, speed is the most important factor for a VPN service. The exact speed of HMA will depend on your internet connection, location, and computer hardware. On average, HMA ranks very highly in terms of speed. If you get a good server, you should be able to max your internet connection.
Numerous Protocols

HMA works decently with common VPN protocols like PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN. One nice feature is that you can group the servers together, which lets you choose the servers that support the right protocol for each country. This is a fairly advanced function, so it is recommended to know a bit about VPNs before you start messing around with protocol settings.

Hotspot Protection

Your computer is extremely vulnerable when connected to public hotspots. The majority of your internet packages are transferred without protection, allowing hackers to easily record passwords and other information. With HMA’s OpenVPN protocol, you can encrypt your data with 128-bit, a military grade encryption. This will be more than enough to keep hackers from snooping into your data.

Accessing Blocked Programs and Websites

Since HMA has so many server locations, website/program restrictions will be a thing of the past. Its encryption protocol will also make sure that the administrators or other third parties won’t be able to find out that you are accessing. For restricted gaming servers, it is vital to get a nearby server to decrease ping time.


Streaming is a weak area for many VPN services, but not with HideMyAss. Websites like BBC iPlayer and Hulu.com will work flawlessly, provided you connect to the local US/UK server. If you have a good enough internet connection, it may even be possible to stream HD and Blu-ray content.

Customer Support

Between the forum, live chat, and email, you should be fully covered. Their support team responds quite quickly and will provide detailed instructions if you have a problem. If you have a “common error”, you might get deferred to a forum posting, so it’s wise to check the forums before emailing support.

The quickest way to get answers is by accessing the 12-hour live chat services. For billing or technical support however, emailing is more efficient. Sending an email will also give you a record that you can keep track of in the future. If you need to ask a question that requires you to provide personal information, use the email service instead of the public forum.


HMA will work with routers, computers, and virtually any mobile device that supports OpenVPN or PPTP. To run the client software, you’ll need to have a Linux, Mac, or Windows operating system. The Linux HMA program interface is still being developed, so right now you would need to use command lines. HMA also works on mobile phones, although it will not run the HMA program.

Other Bits and Pieces

Service for HMA is English-only. Payments can be done with credit card or the following online services: Liberty Reserve, AlertPay, Plimus, Google Checkout, and PayPal. The main website is blocked in some countries, but the software and service will still work. If this is the case, you can obtain HMA from a third party source and then connect.

It’d be nice if HMA added a phone service, especially since their live chat isn’t 24-hour available. In addition, customers need to understand that HMA actually keeps track of when they log in. They only log the time you connect/disconnect their service, but do not monitor user activity and traffic.

If you really want to hide your online footprint, you can configure HMA to automatically switch your IP address at regular intervals. Their program will also recommend you a server that provides the best speeding, ping, and distance. HMA membership also allows you to use two connections simultaneously, which is perfect if you want to use it on both your computer and mobile phone.

The Verdict

HideMyAss is a VPN service that has risen above all others. Its good pricing, ease of use, and versatility make it a good option regardless of where you are in the world. Without a doubt, HideMyAss is worth every penny.

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36 thoughts on “HideMyAss VPN Review – HMA Review

  1. · July 26, 2013 at 11:37 am

    Keep up the good work i will return often.

  2. I am satisfied with HMA. I don’t understand some of you guys. HMA is by far the best VPN provider out there. Easy to use, great support. I have tried out many other VPN’s and none can even compete with HMA!

  3. I signed up for one year with HIDEMYASS. After 15 days they blocked my account because I was downloading torrent TV shows and got nabbed by a copyright agency. HIDEMYASS informed me that they will re-activate my account but if I continue to download TV shows they will hand over my information. They should change their name to, “SHOWYOURASS.”

  4. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE! Foolishly subscribed to 12 months service based on successful link to standard sites but it is TOO SLOW for Netflix streaming so after two days I cancelled and tried to get a refund. Yeah, some chance. They refuse to answer and even Live Chat did not help. All of them have eastern european names – probably Russian mafia. STAY AWAY

    • Same EXACT scenario here. They kept my $85 and refused to respond after I asked for a refund for the same reasons. Then I landed on them the real truth that I was going to use it for my company and tried it on my home computer first so they cut themselves out of big money.

  5. I found this article while searching for a best vpn. Then i came across http://www.hotspotshield.com and its available for free. Can anyone tell me, Is Hotspot shield is a good VPN while traveling??

  6. Never register with this VPN service. Their 30 day money back guarantee is not what it seems. I used the service for less than 15 days and based on their policy I would only get back a partial refund due to exceeding 10GB in bandwidth which is 10.62GB of total usage. So basically 0.62GB of over usage. Number 1. I never used their service for any uploads or downloads, in fact I hardly used their service during those 15 days plus I never would reach 10GB of usage in 1 month with my local internet provider. So as you can see they can tell you lies as there is no way to check your own usage and you will not get your full money back guaranteed. Based on their policy they will charge you 1 month of service, which is $11.52. Keep in mind I subscribed to a 12 month package which is a monthly fee of $6.55. I would keep sending them email stating if they are going to charge me for 1 month then I should be deducted $6.55 and not $11.52 from my 12 month subscription price. They would take days to email me back. As you can see their support service is terrible. In fact they will never email you back until you keep creating a new ticket whenever you send an email through their login page. I am still in the process of trying to get my money back as it have been over 1 week now and in the process of reporting this company to econsumer.gov. Never sign up for a VPN service that does not have a 24/7 live chat support team. Hide My Ass…People should stay away

  7. I just subscribed for 12 month after 1 month of using Hide my ass. No problem so far.

  8. I’ve used Hide my ass almost a year now. Very easy to set up. Even newby can do it. I have no problem with them so far.

  9. Do not trust this VPN. They have a supposed 30 day money back guarantee. I tried their service for 4 hours, decided it wasn’t for me and they (after I switched it off and repeatedly requested a refund), they emailed me a week later saying that I went over 10 GB of bandwidth (somehow) and they’re charging me for two months subscription. I have yet to see any refund from them. Frustrated, I checked out their forums and NO ONE seems to be able to get a refund from them. BUYER BEWARE.

  10. Great service and spped. They have forum with many users. I can find anything I want in there. By the way, I never contact support though.

  11. Shady company, rude customer service, will stop replying as soon as you ask for a refund. Had nothing but problems with them, you better be patient if you need support and live in North America. Stay away, there’s plenty of choice out there without having to deal with company’s with low standards.

  12. Can I easily change the DNS settings from my current VPN (trial with Unblock-US) to this? I can’t find the answer on the website other it mentioning the fact that I need to setup the router to do this. My router is with a cable company which has restrictions in place to not allow DNS settings change 🙁

  13. Does it also have an iphone app? From your opinion is it worth it for a home user?

    • Hidemyass doesn’t have iphone app yet but you can use it on iphone without app. They have only android app. Yes, We recommend all home users to use Hidemyass or vpn for better security.

  14. I like the pricing and ease of use. Does it matter if our computer doesn’t have the best specs, IE will it run on a old comp?

  15. HMA is a joke, please use Witopia or strongvpn, strong has better support, Been a customer for 1 year, takes 3-4 emails and no response, now I am pent on explaining to everyone who will listen to DUMP HMA, terrible terrible support!!!! If you are not in the business to help customers get out, this isnt a software business buddies, this is a customer service business.

    • I’ve switched to Private Internet Access. They respond to any and all emails within minutes. I’m paying ~$3 a month. They’ve been fast and reliable. Keep no activity logs and take privacy seriously. They have no refund limitations for a 7 day period (HMAs 30 day guarantee is a sham).

    • Agree. Avoid HMA. They don’t protect privacy and their customer service is a joke. They owe me 6 months subscription and won’t answer any emails. I can’t even log into my account through their website t get support because they simply shut my account. the word theft comes to mind when I consider the shady practices of this country. When I return to the UK I’ll be taking them to court for breach of contract and false advertising. BTW: when I was able to access the VPN, it often cut off and speeds were a joke.

  16. HBOGO will load, but will only play audio bc of a slow connection. I have tried different addresses but it still happens, any suggestions? Oh and Netflix won’t load either. I am in Japan right now and try to connect for Stateside access. Thanks for any help

  17. Is it possible to get a HMA Nokia’s phone? I wanna know?

  18. HMA is very good for me. Fast speed and many servers to choose. I live in Dubai and get no problem with it. I use it on my laptop and ipad and work great. Eventhough hma is not the cheapest vpn in the market but I still recommend.

  19. HMA used to be good for me, was working great and fast when i was at my home country, i managed to connect to any server freely….. but since i came to china it was only working a 1 week. After 1 week i only had problems, Reconnection problems, unable to connect at all, program crashing when connection to servers. Support told me a few things to try fix it …. but didn’t work…. on my laptop, on a different computer, on mobile, on different wifi/hotspot… Before when things were good , reply from support was very fast, 1 or 2 hours, but now since i started getting problems, the reply take more than 48 hours on average… My conclusion is than HMA is great is you are not in china, if you in china , it is quite useless. Hope it gets beter in future, but now i am trying t get a refund for the remaining time left with them, and waiting for …….replies from them.. Another thing is that i made a review on there website but seems they will not publish it , since it is not so positive for them… My conclusion is : If you are in china or plan to go China, DO NOT GET HMA, if you out of china and don’t plan to come to China, then you CAN Get HMA.

    • Have you tried to mail them at info@hidemyass.com? If anything can’t go well with you. You can get full refund for sure.

      • If you check out their forums, HMA hasn’t honored a refund yet. I just checked with my current VPN and asked if they have a bandwidth cap and they said that if you request a cancellation within 7 days, no matter what your usage is, you get a full refund. HMA claims that I went over the 10 GB bandwidth limit during my 4 hour subscription and charging me for two months as a result.

      • That would be great if they ever bothered to reply to emails. I know I’m not the only one who they ignore when you try to contact them.

  20. Guys, be careful If you wanna purchase from them. In case their system flags your account they won’t send verification code to your phone to lift it and they won’t reply to your emails. They do this while they cut money from your visa,master card,… and they apparently won’t pay back your money. This is an obvious example of fraudulence and thievery.

  21. Hello, Do you have VPN for VoIP business like this http://strongvpn.com/voip.shtml ?

    • From what I know so far. Hidemyass doesn’t provide voip in the form of business like that. They provide more like personal use only. Yes, you still can use hidemyass for your personal voip software like skype.