Strong VPN Review

Strong VPN Review

Strong VPN Feature

– $7 per month
– 19 countries
– No free trial, 7 day money refund guarantee
– Windows, Linux, Mac, iPad, DD-WRT Router, Android, etc
– No IPSec support

Strong VPN Review

According to Strong VPN Review, Strong VPN is one of the leading VPN providers worldwide. The company is managed by Reliable Hosting, which is one of the largest Internet Service Providers in the USA. For this reason, it is able to provide super fast products and great customer service support. Basically, A VPN connection is an encrypted connection added to your computer in order to link with websites securely. In other words, it is the connection you use to send emails and other forms of online communication. A VPN provides speed and security to allow you to transmit messages over the Internet faster and securely. Strong VPN uses standard Open VPN GUI, which is very user friendly. For this reason, the average computer user would be able to use it with ease. Additionally, it has a wide server network spread across 19 countries world wide. With great packages charged according to location and server switching per city or country, Strong VPN has emerged as one of the popular choice for VPN users.

Strong VPN has been around for quite some time. It began operations in the mid 1990s as a PC assistance company in South Lake Tahoe in the United States before branching out into a number of Internet hosting services. With the growth of Internet usage and number of websites, Strong VPN specialized in co-location and dedicated to host in other parts of the world. The company has all along recognized the value of customer service as the key to growth. It is now a global provider of hosting and VPN services with headquarters in San Francisco. Arguably, it is a widely recognized brand. The company’s logo, a strong steel lock, is internationally recognized as a symbol of protection of privacy. There are many other features that make Strong VPN a favorite choice for many website owners including major institutions. Here are some of these top reasons:

Strong VPN’s Pricing Structure

Obviously, expenditure is a huge consideration for most businesses. Most customers recognize Strong VPN as a company with the best pricing structure in the VPN industry. You simply need to understand the types of packages offered by the company to avoid confusion or paying for more services than you actually need. This is primarily because Strong VPN’s prices are structured according to special features in each plan. However, you can take advantage of annual specials available for residents of UK and US cities. There are also great annual specials for Euro-America cities. Basically the two plans have a similar price but with differences according to PPTP and open protocol charges that require additional $35 annually. For example, open or PPTP normally costs $85 per year or $55 if you opt for PPTP alone. Other PPTP only packages include:

•    Lite PPTP at a monthly fee of $7
•    Standard PPTP at $12 per month
•    Deluxe at $15 per month

For open plans you can get lite at only $10 per month, standard at $15 per month, deluxe at $20 and premium at $30 per month. It is important to note that lite, standard, deluxe, and premium plans are differentiated by location of servers and not by technical issues such as speed between different locations. Strong VPN also provides A-la-Carte packages tailored for individual cities.

Worldwide Access

Another major feature that has continued to attract customers to Strong VPN is the number of servers the company has in different locations worldwide. Strong VPN has 269 servers spread across 19 countries not forgetting 1,100 servers located in San Francisco and over 9,000 IPs. It is based in California but provides a wide international VPN access. It has a system that works perfectly and efficiently from a multi-homed BPG4 system connected to 30 networks. Strong VPN’s system is represented in major cities and countries across the globe including the UK, Germany, Canada, Czech Republic, China, Singapore, Italy, Netherlands, Malaysia, Russia, Romania, Sweden, France, and Norway among others.

Diverse Protocols

Strong VPN mainly provides PPTP and open VPN (SSL) servers. Open VPN (SSL servers) can basically function in a similar way as PPTP or open VPN which is a task PPTP can not serve. The company has more servers dedicated to open VPN. PPTP on the other hand comes with a number of advantages including compatibility with mobile devices which have become quite popular with end users internationally. Open VPN is great for encryption, can change from UDP and TCP protocols with ease, and can access more servers than PPTP. It can also support applications with heavy-graphic content such as Netflix.

High Speed

Most customer testimonials cite speed as another reason why they find Strong VPN their ideal choice. The company uses one G-bits of connection speed making it one of the fastest VPN servers in the world. If you are located near a covered city such as London or New York, your connection through Strong VPN servers will be faster and more reliable.

Ability To Support Multiple Types Of Devices And Programs

Strong VPN has the capacity to support most commonly used hardware and software devices and programs. A few examples of devices it can support include Tomato Route, Nokia, iPod, iPad, Android, and Windows Mobile among others. It works well with DVD and other types of media players and functions properly in all browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera. Strong VPN works perfectly with major operating systems such as Windows 7 and Vista, Linux, and Mac OS X. It supports and protects all other types of programs you run in your computer such as your email client program.

Great Customer Support

According to many customer reviews and testimonials, Strong VPN is recognized for its excellent customer care support. The company’s focus on customer-friendly policies demonstrates how it values its customers. It has a 24/7, 365 days customer support system ready to assist clients with all types of problems ranging from billing to technical support. Their friendly support system is always available to provide you with solutions to any VPN related issue through phone support, email, live chat, Skype, and remote desktop. The company has an international presence which is why it offers efficient customer support in major languages including English, German, Russian, French and Chinese.

Guaranteed Service

Strong VPN offers a 7-day money back offer in which a client can ask for a refund if not satisfied with the company’s VPN services. This shows that the company is confident enough of the efficiency of its services. However, the refund is nullified after the seven day period.

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  1. This review is far from truth. It doesn’t work well on all devices. How can you say it works well when you can’t even connect to server? Tried contacting their support, they are not as great as claimed. They can’t help resolve my issue. Frustrating!

  2. It seems like you know what you are talking about. If you value your online anonymity then you need to take precautions. The first step is to become invisible while on the net. Go to http://thebestproxyserver.comto find out how.

  3. I use the PPtP and find it well worth the money. This article sums it up. They are so sure you’ll love it they offer a money back guarentee, find another vpn that does that.

  4. From Canada here, and saw they have Canadian servers which is nice. Like the pricing, but is the customer service easy to get a hold of in another Country?

  5. Nice article and a good website to explain VPN. I have some questions regarding your definition about VPN. Does VPN only provide a secure connection or it has any other specific function? Actually what i have explored from the internet, VPN helps to provide a secure connection to a private network or so. Let me know if I am right or wrong?