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The virtual private network is not just designed for corporate networks. It can also be used for gaming use, home use, and small office use. If you are using a vpn router, you can make use of a DD-WRT VPN in order to secure all communications flowing from your computer to remote networks. You can even create your own VPN server so that you can access your files and data remotely without compromising security.

DD-WRT Overview

DD-WRT is an open source firmware designed for wireless routers. It is compatible with several routers including Linksys, TP-Link, Verizon, etc. Many commercial routers also have the firmware preinstalled. This is usually done to add more features to the router, which may not be present in the manufacturer’s original router firmware. The firmware features support for IPv6, daemon-based services, radio output power control, wireless distribution system, overclocking capability, and others.

What Is VPN Technology

VPN service allows computers to connect to remote servers securely through the use of data encryption, tunneling protocols, and IP-masking. It can also be used to create a seemingly direct link from a client to a server through the use of Internet hardware.

There are various benefits of using VPN. First of all, it ensures data protection through the use of encryption. Every time a client logs in to the service, the data to be transferred is encrypted before it is sent over to the public Internet. This protects the data from being compromised by hackers, spammers and ISPs. It can also be used to unlock geo-restricted websites. This is useful in countries that block certain websites or in networks that provide limited connectivity to the World Wide Web.

Setting Up A DD-WRT VPN Server

Individual users can create their own DD-WRT VPN. Some routers may have the firmware already pre-installed, but if it has not yet been installed, it can be downloaded and installed nonetheless. Installation of the firmware replaces the preset brains of the router to give it new features and a new control panel.

To set-up VPN capabilities, go over the set-up instructions provided in many online sites and forums. A simple method is to set-up the PPTP feature. This has its vulnerabilities, but it can be used for simple purposes like gaming. However, this setup may not be good if the user deals with highly sensitive data. Hence, it is better to hire professional third-party DD-WRT vpn in this scenario.

Small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from using a virtual private network as well. Since customer data is so precious, it should be protected at all times. Therefore, it is very important to hire a VPN service that provides quality security rather than create a simple and vulnerable VPN server.

VPN and Multiplayer Gaming

Gamers often experience lags and latency when playing with other remote gamers. This can happen for many reasons. However, if the computer specifications meet the ideal requirements of the game and the Internet speed is quite fast, the lags may be caused by interference in the router. Using gaming VPN to create a LAN-like gaming scenario is an effective way to get rid of the lag problem. The VPN allows gamers to connect to your LAN connection directly through the Internet to ensure better gaming experience.

Final Words

DD-WRT vpn has its many benefits. It can be used by corporations and businesses that rely on data security for the protection of precious information. It can also be used by individuals like gamers who want to get rid of gaming lags, as well as security-conscious computer users who want to view websites anonymously. VPN truly is the best form of Internet data security today.


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