ProXPN Review

ProXPN Review

ProXPN Feature:

– $9.95/Month
– Free Version Available
– PPTP and OpenVPN
– Windows, Mac OS X, Windows Mobile, iPhone, iPad and iPod

ProXPN Review: All The Important Details

ProXPN is a relatively new outfit based in San Francisco, Ca. The company specializes in both advanced encryption protocols and secure Internet access. It offers a 2,048-bit certificate premium service. The downloadable software offered by the company has the capacity to make safe internet connections, provide anonymous browsing, provide protection against ID theft and hackers and provide protection against online monitoring. The company’s easy to use software packages have won ProXPN several awards from organizations and publications. You can read more about the aforementioned awards on the official ProXPN website.


ProXPN is one of the few companies in the VPN space that offers both free and premium plans. However, the free service is just a free trial of a better quality premium plan. In addition, the free plan comes with a catch. It has a 100kps connection cap and can only be accessed in the U.S and it does not support PPTP. That said, one may upgrade to the premium plan for just $9.95 and enjoy all features. This fee is much cheaper than what other VPN providers charge. Additionally, there are provisions for paying $49.95 for a six-month term. The free service, which is the most basic, has a single server situated in Miami, Florida.

Countries Supported

ProXPN offers premium service through its servers located in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore and the Netherlands. In the United States, the servers are located in key cities including York City, Miami, Los Angeles and Seattle. In some instances, ProXPN servers located outside the United States may face Torrent and P2P restrictions. ProXPN claims that it provides 99.99% server uptime. Having servers in the United States is a blessing to its customers who do not reside in the United States. Some clients outside the United States prefer to use servers located in the U.S. since these servers allow them easy access to censored, monitored, and even blocked websites in their own home countries. In addition, they do not keep Internet activity logs.


ProXPN premium plans employ OpenVPN and PPTP. This means that ProXPN services have the capacity to secure a wide range of Internet connections including 3G, cable, and DSL. When using ProXPN premium plan, all access to these Internet connections is private. The premium plan is your best bet since you get to access both OpenVPN and PPTP servers. ProXPN servers located in the Netherlands, UK and United States come with their own set of IP address.

Customer Support

ProXPN’s basic plan does not offer a customer plan. However, the premium plan does have an effective online support ticketing customer support. This technical support option makes use of live chat for communication. In addition, there is an FAQ section with all the common questions from clients, as well as answers. However, customers are not able to speak to a customer care representative by phone. This may be problematic especially if one encounters complex problems.

Money Back

Just like any other reputable , ProXPN VPN service provider offers its premium plan clients a seven-day, unconditional money back guarantee. You do not need any explanation; you get the refund provided you lodge a request for the same within seven days of receiving the order. However, ProXPN can deny you a refund if you use the service for malicious or illegal activities. If you cannot connect to ProXPN due to downtime, you qualify for a conditional refund. In this case, a client gets a partial refund based on a predetermined rate.


ProXPN supports unlimited traffic encrypted at 2,048 Bit. This has the added advantage of allowing users to unblock sites of interests on their own.


ProXPN’s infrastructure facilitates easy streaming of media files, as well as fast and reliable downloads of media files. However, users of torrent downloading may experience some disruptions now and then. ProXPN also experiences stability problems when dealing with highly traffic sites such as Hulu and YouTube. This is usually due to a slower than average internet connection caused by the 2,048-Bit encryption. Despite these shortcomings, ProXPN’s premium plan still delivers fast speeds. It is interesting to note that ProXPN does not have a free switching feature. Normally, this is always a chargeable feature with other VPN service providers.

Supported Devices

Virtually all devices that are PPTP-compatible can work smoothly with ProXPN although they will need special software in order to work. The service supports popular mobile devices and media players such as Windows mobile, iPads, iPods Touch, iPhones and DD-WRT routers. IPad, iPhone and Windows Mobile require additional support during setup.

Supported OS

ProXPN is compatible with several operating systems including Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit); Android; the iOS platform and Mac OS X. However, ProXPN does not support the Linux platform. The system also supports virtually all mainstream web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Free Trial

ProXPN does not offer a free trial for its premium plan. However, there is a basic plan that is totally free to use. Despite being limited, the basic plan still offers useful functions for new VPN users. Generally, the company’s policies are very generous especially with regard to the money back guarantee and its seven-day grace period.

Google Checkout, PayPal and major credit cards such as American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover are all acceptable payment modes for ProXPN premium plan. It is important to note that created or dynamic IPs constitute the company’s IP address support. Dynamic IPs may not be popular with users who prefer dedicated IPs.


It is advisable for new VPN users to first familiarize themselves with the free version before they upgrade to the premium package. This will enable them to learn the system at their own pace. The premium package has everything that a pro VPN user needs. The company’s policy is customer friendly, especially with regard to free switches and unlimited bandwidth. The products are quite affordable, too. ProXPN is a growing outfit that has its eyes on acquiring more servers to serve the ever-growing population of VPN users worldwide. The company attains an average of four-star rating on price, support, speed and reliability on many online ProXPN reviews, including this ProXPN review. This is in line with their vision of ensuring that all upcoming browsers and OSs are compatible with their service.

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