VpnSecure Review

VpnSecure Review

VpnSecure Feature:

– $9.95 per month
– Servers in 48 countries
– Proxy, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec and OpenVpn
– No logged
– DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) Firewalls
– AES-256 encryption
– Accepts Bitcoin
– Accepts PayPal
– Smart DNS included.

VpnSecure Review

VPNSecure is a site that offers people in multiple countries the ability to surf the Internet anonymously through a VPN server. The service offers a wide variety of connection options and secure protocols, so nearly any device or operating system will be able to work with the system.

There are a number of advantages to using the site, including the ability to watch videos that are country specific, the option of a static IP address and the added security of encrypted data transfer. Additionally, many countries are now blocking access to Facebook and other social networking sites. By subscribing to VPNSecure, customers are able to log into these websites no matter where they are.


VpnSecure PricingThe site offers a variety of pricing plans, which are based on encryption levels. They offer month to month packages but also offer discounts for most of their services when purchased in six month increments. Encryption levels available are Proxy Only, PPTP/L2TP, SSH SOCKS5, OpenVPN and OpenVPN & PPTP/L2TP.

Prices start at $4.95 per month and go up to $9.95 per month for their top of the line plan. All plans are available for all countries except for PPTP/L2TP and SSH SOCKS5, which are unavailable in Japan. VPNSecure accepts payments through PayPal, bitcoin, credit card, cashu and Payza but only accepts subscription payments through PayPal.

Countries Supported

VPNSecure offers secure Internet connections to a large number of countries, including: Australia, Austria, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Czech, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Panama, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, US, UK and many more.

As of 2017 VPNsecure has vpn servers in 48 countries.


All packages through VPNSecure offer access to their anonymous proxy server. Their packages give people the option of PPTP/L2TP, SSH SOCKS5, and Open VPN connections. By selecting a package with PPTP/L2TP, customers are able to run their connection on the largest number of devices. Additionally, this option works well with most routers and does not generally require additional software to work. On the other hand, Open VPN is more secure and offers a faster connection than PPTP/L2TP. For the best of both worlds, VPNSecure offers a high-end package that includes both protocols.

Customer Support

The software setup and proxy configurations for VPNSecure are quick and easy, and they offer extensive documentation for installing and configuring the service on a number of platforms and devices. Along with providing screenshots and video tutorials for getting everything up and running, they also offer the option to chat with a support agent or use a contact form to email them.

They also have their contact number listed on their website; however, it is an international number, meaning that calling them is an expensive proposition. In addition to offering a variety of support methods, they also have a server status page, so that people can verify the service is working when they are having problems.

Money Back

VPNSecure does offer a refund service, customer needs to ask for a refund within 15 days after account activated and require that customers meet criteria to be eligible. To begin with, customers must have contacted their troubleshooting team through the email form or chat and have gone through basic steps to resolve the issues. Customers are also eligible for refunds if they have less than 50 megabytes of data transfer on their account. Additionally, if an account is disabled because of reports of fraud, a refund may be provided.

Traffic & Bandwidth

One of the best things about the VPNSecure service is that it offers unlimited bandwidth to users on all servers.


Another major benefit of using VPNSecure is the speed of their servers. In addition to providing a server status page, they also offer server speed and ping time information for each country they have servers in. While they offer no guarantees related to speed, the results shown on each page indicate that
speeds offered by VPNSecure are equivalent or faster than local ISP speeds.

Additionally, due to the routing system that the service uses, many customers find that they are able to get around ISP throttling that occurs during heavy traffic times. This allows people to connect to sites that offer streaming video with far fewer slowdowns and interruptions.

Supported Devices

Since VPNSecure offers a variety of protocols, their service supports almost all devices. Their OpenVPN, PPTP/L2TP and SSH vpn SOCKS5 services are all supported by Android-based smartphones and tablets. iPad vpn, iPhones and the majority of standard wireless routers and switches are able to connect using the PPTP/L2TP package. For maximum compatibility, they also offer a package that includes both OpenVPN and PPTP/L2TP protocols.

Supported OS

VPNSecure works on computers with Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems. Additionally, proxy settings are available through Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari browsers.

Free Trial

They offer 30 day 2GB Limited server trial with OpenVPN


There are a number of advantages to using a site like VPNSecure, especially from a security standpoint. Even if a customer is using the service through an unsecured wireless network, the proxy server and other security protocols provided keep all data transfer secure and encrypted.

The service offers a number of servers around the world, which helps to provide customers with incredibly fast speeds and dedicated access that works on just about any device or platform that connects to the Internet. VPNSecure is an excellent choice for people who are security minded or are looking to connect to sites outside of their allowed geolocation.

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