Testing Date: Jul 16/2013 with VyprVPN version 1.4.1

1. After installed and open VyprVPN program you will see VyprVPN setting window like this image.



VyprVPN Review

2.VyprVPN is very simple user interface and easy to use all option and setting is disable until you after you fill out the correct account information.

VyprVPN Review

On Advanced Setting have 4 option can turn on/off

  1. Launch application on login
  2. Connect when application launches
  3. Re-connect when connection drops
  4. Connect on unsecured wireless networks

3. Now on VPN location setting you can select different 15 location and 4 protocol.


  • Amsterdam
  • Austin , TX
  • Bucharest
  • Copenhagen
  • Frankfurt
  • Hong Kong
  • Ireland
  • London
  • Los Angeles CA
  • Luxembourg
  • Moscow
  • Paris
  • Stockholm
  • Toronto
  • Washington DC
  • Zurich


  • PPTP
  • L2TP/IPSec
  • OpenVPN – 160 Bit
  • OpenVPN – 256 Bit

4. VyprVPN is very easy to use you can connect VPN in 3 step.

  1. Fill out account log-in information.
  2. Select location
  3. Click Connect button

5. When finish connect you can see VyprVPN icon in taskbar it change to green color and if you open program window you can check you connected status here.

VyprVPN Review

VyprVPN Review

6.You can disconnect by right click on VyprVPN icon in task bar and select Disconnect menu like this image.

VyprVPN Review

If yprVPN icon in taskbar it change to red color that means to disconnect completely.

VyprVPN Speed Test

This table of result speed test with all location connect between Connection without VPN in green colum and Connection with VPN in blue colum.

VyprVPN Review Test


Finally, about this program I think VyprVPN is easy to use , An affordable price and a connection with the sensitivity.
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