Your IP address indicates a lot of things; one of these, is where you are located in the world. For those who want to watch NBC, and are outside the US, this is a problem, if you do not have the right VPN or smart DNS in place.

NBC online –

With, you can watch some of your favorite shows. Chicago Fire, Biggest Loser, game shows, sports, and so much more. NBC is also a leader in news, and is one of the most viewed stations for local, as well as national news in the US. NBC sports and entertainment, and your favorite talk shows are also on NBC. But, with this site, you have to be in the US to view.

How to watch –

There are no fees to view It does require you to sign up with a user name, and this will save the shows you like, and also provide you with different suggestions, based on what you view most. To sign up, you only have to fill out the short form, which asks for your name, email, and other basic information. You also need an internet connection, so you can stream the shows. And, you need a compatible device; this can range from your laptop, to gaming device. No matter what platform you are on, you can enjoy the shows, if you are in the US.

How to watch NBC outside US –

Simply because you are not in the US, does not mean you can’t watch NBC outside US. With certain services, such as a VPN, you will pay a fee each month; others, you can purchase a program (one time fee), and view your favorite station anywhere. With these services, you not only get the US based IP, you also receive unlimited bandwidth, allowing you to watch anything, with no skips or delays. With data security, your online information is safe, and no one knows that it is you watching the shows and station you love, when you are not in the US for some time.

List of Best VPN Providers to watch NBC Outside US

Visit Site
Express VPN
Private Internet Access
Hideip VPN
IpVanish VPN
Vypr VPN

Using Smart DNS to Watch NBC

This can come in the form of a smart DNS; these sites will provide you access to in the meanwhile, your ip remains the same. which will in turn allow you to stream the shows, news, or sports you want to see, regardless of where in the world you may be.

We recommend Trickbyte as the smart dns to try. 14-days free trial, no credit card required,

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