Best P2P/Torrent VPN Providers


P2P/Torrent VPN is a virtual private network that is perfectly suited to anonymously download large files like movies and music. Currently, are many types pf VPNs in the internet but only few are suited to facilitate the sharing of large files. The are are several pros and cons of using such VPNs

Best P2P/Torrent VPN Providers

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Pros of P2P/Torrent VPN

The most obvious benefit of using the VPNs is protecting one’s privacy. The download of movies and music is a controversial aspect due to the laws against piracy in most countries. Movies and music distributors are constantly accusing internet users of illegal file sharing and label them as ‘pirates’. Due to this, law enforcers are usually subjected under constant pressure to apprehend the culprits who download the files. Torrent users on the other hand, defend themselves claiming that sharing such files is not illegal but is rather an excellent way of promoting the movie and music industries.

There are few countries that seriously implement the laws against piracy. Other countries occasionally help the anti-piracy countries implement the law. Therefore most people who use torrents are usually addled if they risk getting arrested or not.

Law enforcers usually track one’s IP depending on the web activity. However, using VPNs protects one when downloading any material. The VPNs usually change one’s IP and encrypt the web activity, making one totally untraceable. Therefore, one can download as many files as he/she desires without worrying that his/her privacy will be exposed to law enforcers.

The use of VPNs for torrents also safeguards one’s security. It is obvious most of the internet users are not familiar with the law. Most people usually just want to download a movie and watch it without being aware that they are risking their security. Using a VPN however, guarantees one that a company cannot find proof enough to accuse him/her of copyright infringement. Basically, the VPNs usually protect one from the build up of evidence on web activity that could be used to facilitate arrest and accusation in court.

Cons of P2P/Torrent VPN

The people that are largely disadvantaged by the use of the VPNs are the movies and music companies and distributors. The VPNs increasingly encourage people to distribute material that infringes the copyright laws. The companies end up losing a lot of money from the illegal downloading of material.

To make matters worse, the VPNs make it impossible to track the culprits. Additionally, even if they got caught, there would be no adequate evidence to prosecute them since the web activity is encrypted.

Although there are several free VPNs, most of them charge their services. One is only granted full access to the VPN accounts after paying the required amount. In fact, such VPNs require their users to pay occasionally, mostly after every month. This prompts users to go around looking for ideal VPNs that are cheap and have excellent downloading features. This charging aspect even affects the free VPNs since it makes them seem like they have low quality downloading features.

Therefore VPNs are mostly advantageous to only the users and disadvantageous to the law enforcers. As users enjoy downloading material, they are significantly protected from the monitoring operations of law enforcers. The best thing about P2P/Torrent VPN however, is the fact that they eliminate the pandemonium that exists in countries that do not have a clear stand on the privacy laws.