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There are a vast number of websites that allow you to get access to your favorite TV shows online.  For all these sites, however, access is limited to your PC.  One of the best exceptions to this rule is Zattoo, a site that features TV shows that are compatible with a vast number of operating systems, from Windows 7 to Linux to Mac OS, including smart phones and tablets.  The site was founded six years ago, hoping to bank upon the excitement of the World Cup by streaming soccer games to a world full of fans.  Today, it reaches TV viewers in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, and Denmark.  Some service is available in the United States.  Since there are millions of people using the site at once, there are a great variety of shows available.  The exception to the rule of good news, however, is that outside these countries there is no access to your TV shows.  If you are in Spain and cross the border to Portugal, the site will know it — and keep you from watching TV.

Best Zattoo VPN

You can use vpn below for accessing Zattoo from anywhere in the world. After complete vpn connection, switch vpn country to Switzerland or Germany

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Vypr VPN
IpVanish VPN

Luckily, there is a way around the IP limitations.  VPN, or virtual private network, allows a user to get past the geographical firewall and access their favorite TV shows from Zattoo in any area of the world that receives an Internet signal.  Since Zattoo enjoys a larger selection of TV channels (as many as 157) than any other provider in Europe or the United States, they receive a large amount of money from their sponsors, and want to keep viewing privileges confined to areas where their sponsors target their audience.  VPN for Zattoo will send the site an IP signal from within one of the affiliate nations, so that you could watch a Danish soap opera from South Africa just as easily as you could within Denmark.

How does a VPN get around this obstacle?  VPN overrides the signal of an Internet provider by re-routing it through a host location that is favorable to the user.  If you live in Singapore but want access to BBC programming, simply select a VPN provider that is based in the United Kingdom and connect to it.  The host sends the signal to Zattoo, so that the site thinks you are connected from within the country.  This service allows you to stay up to date with your favorite programs even if you have to leave the country.  Furthermore, there are many movies that are loaded onto the site each day, allowing you to get front-row seats for the latest blockbuster without having to leave your living room sofa.  If you are on the other side the globe when your favorite sports team plays for a championship, you do not need to worry about missing the crucial goal — it will all be available, in many cases free of charge, with a VPN for Zattoo hookup.  These providers start at around 5-15 dollars per month depending on your location and what services or bandwidth you require.