How To Install A VPN For Web Browsing

VPN For Web Browsing

There are a variety of reasons to use a virtual private network (VPN). They are most often used by large businesses to connect different centers of operations securely over the Internet. Less frequently, but with just as much reliability, individuals use a VPN for web browsing from unsecured wireless access points.

How Does a VPN Work?

Businesses, governments and other organizations used to connect their databases and networks separated by considerable geographical distances with leased lines. The ubiquity of the Internet has turned this medium into the usual candidate for a VPN.  Typically, companies and other entities form intranets which connect all the computers in a local network. This intranet is then connected securely via the Internet to a distinct intranet in another part of the world.

How to Set Up a VPN for Web Browsing

There are many other motives for preparing a VPN but they usually share a concern for security. Companies and governments set up VPNs to protect their databases and their communications across great distances. Individuals may also want to experience this security when they connect to the Internet from an unsecured wireless access point. Obviously, setting up a VPN for web browsing is also a valuable skill for any worker or manager to have when using company or government hardware to access the Internet from unsecured points.

The unsecured point may be in a café or a library. These connections are often quite reliable but their safety is minimal because they try to make the connection accessible to a wide variety of people. It is not uncommon for people in these environments to seek greater security through VPNs.

One way to do this reliably is to use an older desktop computer that never goes to sleep. If you can, download Hamachi onto the desktop. Hamachi is a program that comes in both free and paid versions. The free version is sufficiently good for creating a secure VPN.

After you follow the instructions and download Hamachi, you will need to download and install Privoxy also. This could be time consuming because it may require you to restart the computer in order to get the application to take effect. Once it is ready, it is time to set the VPN up on your laptop.

Install Hamachi on your laptop and join an existing network after starting a new account. You will need to remember the name and password you used previously.

The rest is easy. You go into your web browser’s proxy options. You will respond to prompts with the Hamachi IP address and a port number.

At this point you will be connected to the web via a public access point but the Hamachi should be encrypting all of the data that you are sending. Go to website that shows the same IP as your computer. This should show the IP of your home connection. Now you can enjoy the same level of security as big businesses do when you are out in public and it does not even cost any money.

Too Complicated Is there any other ways around?

Above steps are free vpn version that you can use but you have to config difficult things for yourself. Is there any update in technology you have to do it yourself as well.

Easier step is buy paid vpn service. They have vpn software for you. You just download it and install in your computer and that’s it. No need to configure anything. If you can’t do it. They have supports staff to help you out.

Best VPN For Web Browsing

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