Nokia VPN – Setting-up Of Nokia VPN On Your Nokia Phone

Nokia VPN

With an increase in demand for having secure internet connections, Nokia, one of the largest mobile phone manufacturing company in the world, has not been left with the wagon of technological advancement. For this reason, the presence of Nokia vpn, has been made available for Nokia Symbian smart phones. However, for you to enjoy full benefits of the wondrous VPN, you need to set up this software in your Nokia phone.


Setting Up IPSEC VPN On Nokia Phone Symbian OS

For starters, make sure that your smart phone is backed by a Symbian OS. Because most Nokia phones have an IPSEC VPN client, that is intricate to use when establishing a VPN connection. In addition, you will also need a vpn connection that makes use of ordinary procedures, that are well-matched with the VPN access that are compatible with IPSEC. However, for Nokia vpn to be up and running, the smart phone you are using must in line with some requirements. The phone should be compatible with the vpn, the vpn should provide access that can be used by the Nokia vpn. An IP address for the VPN access, password and username should be available during the process of setting up the Nokia vpn.

  1. First, download a Nokia Configuration Tool (NCT), which you will use in configuring Nokia vpn.
  2. Open NCT terminal, and from the list of options, select tools VPN configuration. Once in the configuration window, click the second button on the corner at the bottom, on the right hand side to download the configuration vpn file.
  3. You can change the policy name if you so wish or you let it retain the default name, in the follow-on window.
  4. Next, you can either name it or leave it unfilled.
  5. Add the Nokia vpn access.
  6. Although not necessary, you can configure the HTTP proxy settings by default.
  7. Again, click the last button at the bottom right in order to save the policy file on your personal computer, then transfer it to your Nokia smart phone through Bluetooth. Or better still, you can send it directly to your phone by clicking the button at the bottom of the vpn configuration aperture. This is directly connected to the NCT in your phone. After the transfer, you can easily access it through the file manager in your phone.
  8. After the transfer, you can install the policy in your Nokia phone. The installation is easy, go to the menu screen and click on the office icon, then file manager, which will lead you to the phone memory , then proceed to other, where the phone will ask if it can install the vpn configure. Click on the yes button for the installation of the policy file.
  9. After completion, your Nokia vpn is ready to use. When you want to use, choose the web icon on the menu of your smart phone.
  10. Choose the intranet that is showing the installed VPN.
  11. In the next display, key in the VPN username and password, the ones given by the service provider.
  12. Now you can access any site with maximum secured channels and you can get to enjoy ambiguity in the internet platform. for more information visit

PPTP VPN On Nokia Phone Symbian OS

Many people ask for pptp vpn since setting up ipsec via NCT is very complicated. Here’s your solution.

1. You need to use Symvpn to use pptp. It costs €29.95 Click here

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3. We recommend Strong VPN for Symvpn

Are You Using Nokia Windows Mobile?

Please see window mobile vpn for more information.

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