VPN For Youtube: Hiding Your IP to Unblocking YouTube

VPN For Youtube

Just because YouTube is blocked in your office or country, it does not mean you cannot access the website or stream content from it. In this digitally advanced age there is a workaround for almost everything. All you have to do is access a restricted website like YouTube just by hiding your IP address.

Every device connected over a public network like the internet has a unique identification number also known as the Internet Protocol or IP address. IP address is the identification of your device, so your IP is yours ID. If you are able to hide your IP address, you will be able to access restricted websites.

There are two ways of hiding your IP address; using a proxy server and setting up a VPN or Virtual Private Network.

Proxy Server

Proxy servers allow indirect connections to other network services. Proxy servers act as an intermediary between your computer/handheld device and the internet. Instead of using your IP address, a proxy server will use its own IP address and make a request on your behalf. There are different ways of accessing websites using a proxy server.

Using a proxy server has some disadvantages. Proxy servers consume very high bandwidth thus making access to YouTube very slow. You may get a lot of pop-ups while accessing through a proxy server which can make your browsing annoying. Proxy servers are prone to spam infiltration. Most importantly, there is very little encryption to protect data while transfer, so while accessing YouTube your username/password can easily be intercepted and misused.

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The alternative to using a proxy server to hide your IP address is to set up a VPN connection.

Virtual Private Network or VPN

Besides being able to access a restricted website like YouTube, a VPN connection will protect your data over the internet.

VPN is a private network that uses a public network like internet to connect to remote sites. To transport data securely, a VPN connection uses various protocols to create an encrypted tunnel. A VPN connection can be used to hide your IP allowing you to access blocked websites like YouTube. It allows for anonymous web browsing. With encrypted network traffic, it is complete security for the internet. It protects your username and password from prying hackers.

How do you set up a VPN connection? There are many vendors available that provide VPN access. Typically, you will need to download software and install it on your system. The software once installed, usually takes a single click to launch and you can start using the private network. Normally, the vendors charge for their VPN services. It could a one-time fee or an annual membership type. However, there are a plenty of vendors who offer free VPN services. Amongst the most popular ones are Hidemyass, Private internet access and pro-XPN.

But, using a free VPN service may not serve the purpose. Free VPN service providers do not use very advanced security protocols which may not be able get round the firewalls used by your company or the government of your country to access YouTube. Free VPN services also tend to use lesser bandwidth than paid ones. And the most important part, your data is safer with a paid VPN service provider than with a free one.

While a free VPN service may seem very attractive, it is the paid services that you should use.

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