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Netgear VPN, or Virtual Private Networking, is a firewall technology typically used in businesses, which is available in wired and wireless network appliances. Netgear is a leader in computer networking equipment and hardware who is based in the United States, but operates worldwide. Their VPN product is an exceptional addition to their storied inventory of routers, gateways, storage and wireless access points.

What is Netgear VPN?

Netgear Virtual Private Networking is a secure internet protocol that allows businesses to transport their data securely across online platforms. This technologically advanced communication standard separates private data and information from the alternative traffic on the internet to insure that it only ends up in the hands of the intended recipient. This terminology was initially implemented as a way of describing a secure internet connection for firms who use private networks.

This technology provides accurate data security by encrypting the shared information as it passes from one portal to another. Without this technology, private networks are vulnerable to security breaches as their resistance to theft, tampering or hacking is limited.

Who Uses Netgear VPN?

Virtual private networking is typically used by companies who are concerned with the integrity and safety of the data they are transmitting. Although, this technology is not limited to organizations, as individuals can use it just as easily within their homes, offices or while communicating from mobile devices. There are three types of users that benefit most from the Netgear VPN technology.

Intranet Users: When an organization has more than one location, building, branch office, or even employees who work from home, but communicate internally through their appointed system, Netgear VPN can keep their information, email communications, and file sharing safe from potential security breaches. This is an exceptional way to insure everyone is working under the same safety platform, so no pertinent information or communication is compromised through the shared intranet, no matter where their office is located.

Remote Access Users: The reliability of VPN extends to remote access users as well, which allows them the inexpensive option of dialing into a local connection to acquire a signal, and then dialing into a secure VPN platform to insure their communication is safe and protected at all times, no matter where the person is communicating from. This greatly lowers expenses by keeping dial up configurations local.

Extranet Users: Extranets are connections between two or more organizations that collaborate to fulfill services, whether they are supply-chain oriented or subscription services. These companies transfer sensitive information between two or more portals.

How Does Netgear VPN Work?

There are three main components to insuring the security of the information shared over networks via VPN. First, the information is authenticated to insure that when it is received that it was actually sent from the claimed sender. This means someone cannot set up a pseudo email address and communicate as if they are, indeed, a trusted source without it being verified. Next, the integrity is verified to insure the contents were not amended or tampered with during transit. Lastly, it encrypts the message to insure its confidentiality.

Is My Netgear Router Ready To Use VPN?

Not quite. It’s been confirmed by many vpn providers that you better flash your Netgear router with DD-WRT firmware. Not all Netgear routers are supported. Check what dd-wrt support router here. Click

Best Netgear VPN Service

After you have flashed your Netgear router with dd-wrt firmware. Now you just pick one of top vpn services below to use with your router.

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