How to fix Netflix Proxy Error on VPN



VPN or a virtual private network allows you to use a different IP address typically belonging to any other region. It is used primarily for security purposes but often it is used to bypass the region based content blocks on the internet.

The Netflix has gained hugs popularity and has increased their access worldwide. However, certain content maybe strictly based on the location. What airs in US may not be available in the UK due to the country’s laws.

Earlier we would VPN to access our favorite shows on Netflix. However, the company CEO Reed Hastings declared that Netflix would not allow the usage of VPN to access its content. And very soon people started getting error messages on their screens: “You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy.

It occurs when the Netflix system detects the use of VPN, proxy or any unblocker service. 

Isn’t it simply frustrating when all you want to do is watch your favorite Netflix show be it Black Mirror or be it The Bojack Horseman Show? You have legally paid for your Netflix subscription. But simply due to your region of viewership, outside the US you seem to lose out on so many quality shows.

While majority of the VPN services companies is trying to figure out a way to skip the ban; what might work today may be eliminated by Netflix tomorrow.

Let us find the best tested alternatives to fixing this error.

(Last tested on November 18th 2016)


While the other VPN companies still figure out a way to get on board with Netflix undetected, the ExpressVPN has certainly impressed us. It is still on the cards and allows you to view your shows uninterrupted on Netflix. It utilizes 256 bit AES encryption. It has an easy 30 day money back guarantee. It can be setup easily across multiple platforms: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows PC or iPad. The VPN will not log any of your activity and you can stream various channels surpassing the Netflix ban. ExpressVPN provides a fast, private, anonymous and smooth connect to view any blocked website or in our case Netflix. Added benefits is the 24×7 live customer chat support which .

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ExpressVPN  service will allow you to watch your favorite Netflix and other channel shows jumping the geo ban. Although Netflix has strictly maintained a ban on the popular VPN services from its system, you can use the above services mentioned which sneaked through the filter.

So if you are more comfortable with using VPN then go with it

Still waiting on that Netflix show you wanted to watch? Get any of the above and start watching your favorite shows again!!

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