TorrentPrivacy Review: Feature-Rich Internet Privacy

Torrentprivacy Review

TorrentPrivacy Feature:

– $9.95/Month
– Made For Bittorrent, P2P
– SSH, PPTP and OpenVPN
– 1 Week Free Trial
– Unlimited Bandwidth

TorrentPrivacy Review

TorrentPrivacy offers a subscription-based service that includes both a program specifically designed for downloading files anonymously from torrent sites and a VPN. The first program allows users to download torrents in such a way that even the users’ own ISPs have no record of the downloads. Even the torrent site has only the ISP of TorrentPrivacy’s server, so the download cannot be tracked. This allows users to get around ISP download restrictions and protect themselves from prying eyes. In addition to the anonymous torrent download service, TorrentPrivacy’s VPN option promises completely anonymous web surfing.

TorrentPrivacy guarantees web anonymity for its users. The company is focused on providing complete privacy and does not keep a record of users’ downloads or surfing habits. In fact, the people who run the company are so serious about privacy that they have disabled logging, turned off disk caching wherever possible and regularly run scripts to erase temporary files and required cache files.


TorrentPrivacy offers Gold Member subscriptions for $2.95 per week or $9.95 per month. Customers who subscribe for an entire year pay the discounted rate of $99.95 for 12 months. Special three and six month rates are also available. Each subscription includes TorrentPrivacy software, web proxy service, IP checking and support. The company accepts payments through SegPay, CommerceGate and PayPal. Payments are automatically charged each month or each subscription period unless the user cancels the service.

Countries Supported

TorrentPrivacy has servers in the United States, Sweden and the Netherlands. The company headquarters is located in the Seychelles. The service is available to users in most countries.


The company allows users to choose between two different software products, BitTorrent Anonymizer and TorrentPrivacy VPN. BitTorrent Anonymizer provides a secure connection to TorrentPrivacy’s servers using SSH vpn protocol to allow users to download torrents anonymously. The program uses its own torrent client out of the box but also works with BitTorrent, BitComet, Vuze and uTorrent. The other option, TorrentPrivacy VPN, provides web surfing anonymity over an encrypted connection through PPTP or OpenVPN.

Customer Support

TorrentPrivacy offers several methods of obtaining support. The website provides a section of FAQs that deal with payment and downloading concerns in addition to many specific technical issues including installation, common errors and normal usage. The company also maintains a blog with useful information. In addition, the site features a user forum where users can search previous posts or post new questions. There is even a section for prospective customers to post questions before subscribing. If these avenues do not provide answers, there is an e-mail form to contact customer support with questions or problems. Users can also take advantage of the live support chat that is available through the TorrentPrivacy site.

Money Back

According to the company’s terms of use, a user can cancel his or her subscription and recover the fees for the unused portion of that subscription. Refunds are handled on a case by case basis by the company’s support staff. This policy means that users should take advantage of the free trial period to make sure the software is appropriate for them before subscribing.

Traffic & Bandwidth

In practical terms, the service offers unlimited bandwidth. Specifically, there is no cap on bandwidth unless the user goes beyond what the company terms “fair and reasonable use.” The site explicitly defines this as using more than 10 to 15% of total subscribers’bandwidth on any particular server. If a user exceeds this amount, the company will send a warning e-mail, and if he or she continues to use an excessive amount of bandwidth, the company reserves the right to modify the terms of the subscription. It is worth noting that the company has not yet had a customer exceed this amount. This means that with any normal use of the service, users should not run into bandwidth issues.


General download speed depends on the user’s location, the server he or she is using and the time of day. A positive feature of the service is that each user has the ability to change the server through which he or she is connecting in order to improve download speed.

Supported Devices

TorrentPrivacy supports all major mobile devices in addition to PCs and Macs. Supported devices include iPhones, iPads, iPod touches, Android phones and others.

Supported OS

TorrentPrivacy works with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS, Linux and mobile systems including iOS and Android.

Free Trial

TorrentPrivacy offers a one week free trial of its service to new users. It is important for potential users to take advantage of this trial and really test the ability of TorrentPrivacy to meet their needs before subscribing since refunds are limited.

Conclusion: A TorrentPrivacy Review

TorrentPrivacy is a solid option for users serious about protecting their online privacy. In addition to anonymous torrent downloading that is hidden even from each user’s own ISP, the service offers anonymous browsing and e-mailing. Membership is useful for those desiring mainly to download anonymously from torrent sites, since this was the original focus of the company and is still what TorrentPrivacy does best. However, the anonymity offered by the VPN program is also extremely attractive and should appeal to a wide range of users.

On the downside, the site can be difficult to navigate, and the program’s features might not meet everyone’s needs. In addition, ability to obtain refunds is very limited. This means that prospective buyers need to read through TorrentPrivacy’s forums and take advantage of the free trial to make sure the service meets their needs before they buy it.

Positives of the service include a comprehensive privacy policy, the ability to use the software out of the box with little configuration, frequent updates, unlimited bandwidth, a variety of support options, two software packages from which to choose and a variety of subscription options. The service also allows users to change servers, supports a wide range of devices and works on most operating systems. TorrentPrivacy is definitely a service that all users who want to protect their privacy while surfing the web and downloading files should consider.

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