Hideipvpn Review

HideIp Vpn Review

HideipVPN Feature:

– $9.99 per month
– Servers in 6 countries US/UK/NL/DE/CA and Poland
– PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, Soft Ether and OpenVpn
– 3 hours free trial, 30-day money back guarantee
– Windows, Linux, Mac, DD-WRT, iPod, iPad, iPhone, Android
– Smart DNS Included

An Honest And Unbiased HideIPVPN Review

HideIPVPN is a VPN service provider offering a wide range of different plans to customers who want to remain anonymous while they are surfing the Internet.  With the advanced technologies used by the service provider, users have the ability to initiate the software program, create their own IP address, and select a country of origin manually.  As the service provider’s name suggests, HideIPVPN will help users hide their virtual presence while surfing the web or completing online transactions.  By putting an encrypted tunnel between the hardware of the computers and the network servers, users can effectively hide undetected like the ninja that appears in the company’s logo.  If you are looking for a quality VPN service, read this honest HideIPVPN review and decide if this is the service provider for you.


Price is one of the most important factors you will consider when comparing different service providers.  Unlike some of the providers in the industry, HideIPVPN offers a wide range of different service plans that will fit any budget.  There are currently 8 different plans available.  Each of these plans are priced based on the location and the features you choose.  The least expensive plans are for single countries, primarily the US, the UK, Canada, and Germany.  All of the plans offer features like L2TP, PPTP, and Proxy.  While plans are priced as low as 9.99 per month, the mix plans that are available can cost as much as $165.99 per year.  Plans can be paid for with Paypal and GoogleCheckout.  All customers paying 3, 6, and 12 months in advance will receive a discount.

Countries Supported

Not all VPN services support all countries throughout the world.  Before you continue reading this unbiased HideIPVPN review, you should see if your country is supported through HideIPVPN.  The provider has a network of servers located in 6 different countries.  This means that customers in the US, Canada, the UK, Netherland, Poland and Germany are supported.  You should also keep in mind that servers are based in cooperative jurisdictions.  This means that all data that passes through the server is not protected.  With a court order, the service provider is required to give authorities information on data that is transmitted over the server.


HideIPVPN ranks well with protocols.  The protocols offered through the service provider include OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, and PPTP.  Each of these protocols are available through the mixed plans.  The single country plans may not offer OpenVPN protocols.  It is also important to understand how your IP is changed through HideIPVPN.  By removing packet headers, your IP is changed to a dynamic address.  While these addresses are less secure, security through HideIPVPN is still very high.

Customer Support

By looking at the plan prices, you can see that HideIPVPN is one of the more affordable VPN providers in the industry today.  While price will attract you to the company, you need to know where quality may be compromised.  The company has yet to offer a toll-free number for customers to call.  You also cannot chat with specialists through live chat.  The only way that you can get in contact with technical support is to submit a support ticket.  Once the ticket is received, you will correspond with the specialist via email.  While some do not mind this, people who are accustomed to calling a technical support team when they have issues may find this is an issue of concern.

Money Back

When you want to try a VPN service, you would like to have peace of mind in knowing that there is a money back guarantee if you are not happy with the services you have paid for.  Money back guarantees can differ dramatically in this industry.  Some providers offer no guarantee and others offer very comprehensive guarantees.  HideIPVPN offers a 30 day money back guarantee once the software is downloaded.  While they advertise a quality guarantee, the guarantee is far from unconditional.  If you have issues with the server speed it is not grounds for a refund as far as the contract states.  If you have any other reason to return the product, you will receive a full refund if requested within 30 days.

Traffic and Bandwidth

If you are concerned with download limitations, you have no reason to fret.  There are no caps on downloads and there is also a special plan for Torrent and P2P traffic.  You have the option to switch between different servers on the network at no cost.  If you look at the charges for this with other VPN service providers, you will find that this is a huge benefit.  Make sure to choose the appropriate servers for the appropriate type of web surfing and downloading.


Speed has become a major issue for customers when they are told that they cannot receive refunds if the complaint is about speed.  While this may be a cause for concern, tests that are updated by users regularly, show that the speed is about the same as the regular ISP service.  The company also does not limit speed.  This means that download speeds can be much faster at specific times of the day.

Supported Devices

You might wonder what devices are supported by the software.  A plethora of different mobile devices are supported.  Apple iPhone, iPad, and iTouch are all supported.  The Android and other mobile devices are also supported by PPTP.  All mainstream sites and browsers, like Chrome, Explorer, Safari, and Firefox, are compatible.

Supported OS

Linux, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7,8, 10 and Mac OS X are all compatible with these service packages.

Free Trial

If you want to take a trial run, you can try out the company’s free 24 hour trial.  Your 24 hour trial can only be completed in a single day and you do not have to pay even a minimal amount to test the services.  You can test out the software, try out most of the features offered, and see if this is the right VPN service plan for you.


If you are looking for a program that is easy to use without all of the frills, this may be the right service for you.  You can change your server, change your protocol, or change your country of origin whenever you want for greater anonymity.  While the service provider does offer limited features, the plans are well worth the price.  With no download caps or speed caps, it may be worth a try for the right type of customer.

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