VPN Review : Dedicated IP VPN That Everyone Can Afford

  • $2.99/month
  • Dedicated ip vpn available
  • Servers in 9 countries
  • No logs
  • 7-day moneby back
  • Allow 1 device/account
  • No Kill switch is a VPN service provider. From personal VPN to dedicated VPN to business VPN, this company offers it all. They claim to provide latest VPN technology with unique innovation that makes their VPN stand out from the crowd. Their website states that their VPN service offers the most desirable features. Is that true? For a review, keep reading to find out some interesting details!


Like most VPN services, comes with a price tag too. Of course, you can’t be expected to splurge on a VPN that you aren’t even sure will work for you. For this reason, you are given a 7-day free trial service in which you can test and try the VPN to all its extent. If you think it is worth spending money on, feel free to subscribe! The free trial will allow you to test their speed in your local area. After you’ve had first-hand experience, you can choose between the multiple VPN plans.

Firstly, there is the personal VPN category. You can opt for a monthly plan where you’ll have to pay $2.99 each month. The other option, if you’re looking for a VPN service for the longer run, is to go for the annual plan. It costs $29.88 annually which comes down to $2.49 per month! The next category is dedicated VPN. You can get the monthly plan in $7.99 per month. However, just like the previous category, you have the option to save some bucks if you’re looking for a long-term connection. Here you can opt for a quarterly payment method. You’ll be paying $23.79 per three months which is equal to $7.90 per month. For further savings, you can go for the annual plan. That is $71.88 for 12 months or $5.99 per month! In our review, this annual plan is a definite bargain. Lastly, there is the category of business VPN. It is only offered in a monthly plan which generally costs $29.99 per month. However, if 10 users sign up for this plan, it’ll come down to $18.99 per month. Similarly, for 20 users it will be $35.99 per month and for 50 users it will come down to $79.99 per month. With the business VPN, you’re also going to need AWS VPC VPN – Amazon VPC VPN tunnel which will be extra $9.99 per month.

Payment Option

You can pay with credit card and paypal. No Bitcoin

Server locations

The sole purpose of a VPN is to hide the user’s identity. This is why the server locations of a VPN provider are important. The concept behind this is that your IP address is altered from one location to another to another to another and so on until there is too much hassle to track you back. Therefore, the more and widespread the server locations are, the higher the security the VPN offers. In our review, we would say that they score 5 stars in this category. One of the major reasons why we suggest investing in VPN is that it ensures full anonymity without any breach of security at all. The server location of this VPN starts from Florida going all the way to California. From the USA to Australia and from Germany to the UK, the servers are spread all over the world. servers are located in India, Brazil, Germany, United Kingdom, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, and Australia. Within the USA, the servers can be found in Florida, California, Oregon, Ohio, and North Virginia. You can blindly trust this VPN to provide you access from any server location. There is no issue regarding anonymity or security.

Features offers anonymous surfing which is an expected trait. Other than that, working with this VPN is completely hassle-free due to the 24/7 available support. Every day of every year you have access to people from the platform through email and live chat who are readily available to offer their help. The company promises that they do not log your searches. Your activities remain 100% private. This VPN service also provides you a whitelist IP address at all times. However, there isn’t a second in time when your privacy is compromised. The VPN is strongly encrypted. Other than protection from the company itself, users are also highly secure from external threats. Best of all, you can avail all these features on any device with any operating system.

Coming to the specific features of the plans, the VPN provides unlimited traffic on all three of its VPN categories which are personal, dedicated, and business. The personal VPN comes with a managed solution. It is a PPTP open VPN connection. L2TP/IPsec is also supported. It is available on all mobiles, PC, and Mac client. Dedicated IP VPN is also a PPTP open VPN connection. L2TP/IPsec, IP4/IPV6 IP are supported. It comes with a shell for SSH success. Once again, on subscribing, you’ll get free usage on mobile, PC, and mac. Business VPN is a fully managed VPN. It has a dedicated technical team working 24/7 to provide help to subscribed clients. It comes with cloud integration. It is integrated with AD/LDAP. You can expect a personalized solution if subscribed to this category of VPN service from

Inside Client Area

Inside Personal Account, You can set up vpn server, login detail, download app from here.

Inside Dedicated VPN – You will get information about your given ip here. The rest looks the same as personal vpn.

Devices supports all devices. Windows, Mac, OS, Android and Linux

Software and Apps

Unfortunately doesn’t have in-house vpn software for windows, Mac and Linux. You have to set up vpn connection manually. For openvpn, you have to use 3rd party software.

But they do pretty good job on Mobile App. Their app is very simple and easy to use. All you need to do is logging in and pick a server you want to connect to.

Proxy Check

No proxy detected! This is great. You can browse everything like normal.

DNS Leak Test

Passed, perfectly.

WebRTC Test – IP Leak Test

IP Leak Test Passed. No real ip displays.


With so many upsides, becomes too good to be true. There are a fair few downsides as well. Firstly, this service doesn’t have its own DNS servers. Despite being a big VPN provider, they do not have any apparent solution for the common VPN problem known as the ‘Kill Switch’. It does have rather widespread server locations but it won’t be wrong to expect more. Currently, there are only 10. The service can be improved by adding more servers in more location for an even better service. The VPN fails to allow more than one connection at a time. Lastly, you cannot operate cryptocurrency transactions on this VPN.


If you want a simple vpn yet secure. is one of them. Other providers may have more features, but why you want them if you don’t use them. With only $2.99/month from the first month. Super save and you pay for what you really need to pay.

This was our honest and detailed review. You have the advantages and disadvantages in front of you. It is up to you to decide whether the VPN is worth your money or not. In case of further queries, feel free to visit their website. That is where you can subscribe for the service too!

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