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At present, most online users and surfers are looking for measures to improve their online security service from intruders and hackers. Since most consumers and businesses often operate their business, store data and communicate by means of the internet, this resulted in an undesirable increase in online intruders, spammers and hackers that are preying on confidential and sensitive business data and financial information.

List of VPN Providers with Malaysian IP

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Express VPN
Vypr VPN
IpVanish VPN

With such cataclysms, several countries across the globe have imposed actions to censor the use of internet within their community and limit the capabilities that web users and surfers were formerly privileged with. After implementation, users and clients worldwide have been limited of what they can search online and most have not been able to gain access to many of their favorite and previously visited websites because of these security protocols. Previously, one of the East Asian countries has imposed these standards in online liabilities for their citizens, that country is Malaysia. The nation’s government has legalized this new limitation on file sharing and P2P system in order to bypass undesired file downloads and uploads.

Fortunately, there are several options on how you can bypass these security protocols and standards without being caught and possibly penalized. This includes proxy services and IP address masking software. Though they are deemed effective, these options are incapable of avoiding firewall systems as operators are able to identify and inhibit all of these alterations as soon as the IP address is detected into the cyberspace. In order to bypass the internet’s firewall system, a specialized tool is in order. This is where virtual private networks play their part. Malaysia VPN services enable the client to easily avoid firewall systems. The service will support clients by means of rendering those IP addresses that don’t belong to the country’s IP address. In simpler terms, your original IP address is masked with another address in order to bypass the security protocols.

In Malaysia, you’ll find tons of virtual private network service providers, both free and paid ones. Most of the free services don’t have the capacity to offer substantial online security and privacy during bypassing firewall systems thus it is better to choose paid network services in order to receive all the advantageous features that you are looking for when using the internet.

Before opting for any Malaysia VPN service provider in Malaysia, determine first your need for bandwidth. This element is a great factor when it comes to identifying your rates per month. Make sure that your bandwidth is just adequate for only business use and nothing more if you are paying for Malaysia VPN services for workforce applications. Ascertain that your employees will only be using the benefits of VPN services for business purposes to avoid exceeding the maximum bandwidth as well as avoid paying a hefty amount for excessive bandwidth.

In Malaysia, there are five prominent service providers of virtual private networks. This includes Strong VPN, Pure VPN, and IAPS VPN. The costs for each of these five service providers range wildly from as low as $9.95 to as high as $18 per month.

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