Try Logitech Revue, VPN-Enabled

Logitech Revue VPN

From the start, Logitech Revue demos indicated that the system would serve as a universal integrator and control for television, Internet, and beyond. Linking home theater components with the power of online capabilities seems like the expected next generation of multimedia services.

Still, an enormous segment of the value-add has been historically restricted from this series of provisions. ABC, CBS, and Hulu all have chosen to block devices that provide Google TV from video streaming their content. Also, Google TV does not perform a title search from some platforms, including Netflix.

What is Logitech Revue?

Revue becomes a part of the home theater system via a set-top box that is more contained and tinier than a standard DVR or DVD player. Infrared signals are emitted from the front center and corners, and enable the streamlined universal control of cable, TV, and a receiver. Incidentally, it is designed specifically for use with HDTVs that include an HDMI input.

A radio frequency-based keyboard serves as the main control panel. Light, and non-imposing, it works for most typical living room environments. Still, those who prefer something smaller can purchase mini. Also, Andriod’s smart phones, or the iPhone, can act as controllers as well.

Menus and apps related to the Revue are always on. This means that start-up time is eliminated, and one click returns you to the last place you visited.

As with standard uses of Google, searches are anticipatory. The main menu search tool is faster and more intuitive than those that are app-based.

A single-click TV minimizer that allows full screen Internet searches is another refreshing new option. Although this only works for TV, rather than movies and all other media, it is an advantageous capability.

This modernized menu layout offers instant toggling between TV and Internet. In fact, the viewer can be watching cable one minute, and switch to a YouTube video the next. It is simply that clean, that easy, and that swift.

Use VPN On Logitech Revue

There has been some debate about a work-around for Hulu and other blocked access points. Logitech Revue VPN interface options are a part of many online forums and discussion groups.

VPN solutions have become famous in China, Dubai, the UK, and other parts of the world where popular access points are blocked when using standard Internet Service Providers (ISPs). VPN ultimately provides a neutral IP address for the otherwise blocked location, indicating that the point of origin is not sourced through a prohibited place.

This service, which typically ranges in cost from $6 to $20 each month, can facilitate access to virtually any site. StrongVPN is confirmed as one of the providers that works well in China and Australia, enabling Logitech Revue users to search and view content on Hulu and Netflix.

The network supporting StrongVPN service is comprised of 348 servers in 20 countries. The hardware throughout these locations manages the throughput of more than 13,000 IP addresses. Click here to read our Strong vpn review

When it comes to technology access points, there is always a solution. Finding it is simply a matter of some research, and diligent effort.