How To Unblock Facebook In China With VPN

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If you have ever been to China, then you may have experienced massive website blocking in that part of the world. It is not just the Great Wall that they are known for. People who come from other countries to visit there or work there experience the Great Firewall as well. Luckily, you can unblock Facebook in China with VPN technology.

Why The Massive Blocking?

There are several explanations as to why the government is blocking foreign websites. At the end of the day, it is all about control. The Internet is a pretty big source of information and income at the same time. When people inside the country get bombarded with information from foreign countries, it may interfere with some of the plans of the government. It may even interfere with the nationalist spirit of the nation.

Second, it can also undermine the economy of the country. When Chinese people start advertising on Facebook, Google, and other foreign websites, it decreases the profit of similar Chinese sites like Baidu, Alibaba, Youku, and Tudou. Of course, these are just assumptions, but there maybe other ulterior motives.

How Can VPN Help?

VPN or virtual private network is a technology that bypasses geo-restrictions, information reception, and firewall limitations. It uses tunneling protocol to connect a client computer to a particular server outside of the country. Using this technology is like accessing the Internet from a host country. For example, if the VPN server is located in the USA, the client gets access to all the Internet privileges in that country. Facebook is definitely not blocked in the US. Hence, if you use a VPN service hosted in the US, you can surpass all Chinese firewall restrictions. See USA VPN for more detail.

The Difficulties of Limited Internet Freedom

Having a limited access to foreign websites in China makes it hard for tourists and foreign workers to communicate with their loved ones back home. Keep in mind that communication is a very important part of human existence. Without the freedom to communicate, you are being robbed of your very right to information. Hence, if you want to talk to your loved ones and friends, learn how to unblock Facebook in China with VPN.

Choosing A VPN Service That Works

This is where the problem starts. If you are in China, it may be hard for you to search for VPN services using Google or other search engines. Hence, it is best to start your research while you are still planning your trip to China. Many VPN services recommended by blogs may not work. This is primarily due to the massive blocking of VPN sites as well. The best way to find what works and what does not is to find information from the most recent sources.

When looking for VPN services to unblock Facebook, always check entries in 2012. If you are reading this in 2013 or beyond, check for information on VPN services in that specific year. In addition, read real reviews from other people to determine whether certain services work or not. Sometimes, the actual review post may not be providing the right answers. Thus, check the latest comments as well. In fact, trust reviews that tell you which VPN sites are blocked and which are not.

In addition, unblock Facebook in China with VPN that allows you to use the chat box. Some services may not provide this feature. Choose one that allows you to have full functionality on Facebook as well. If you cannot add friends, respond to requests, or add comments on posts, then you may be wasting your money on the service. Therefore, a thorough research on the best VPN services is necessary.

List of Top VPN Service To Unblock Facebook, Youtube, Twitter in China

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